2 Things you WILL NOT see from Apple in 2009

Each day the rumors get dumber and dumber, and the most current collection of crap from Boy Genius Report is a poster child for every that is wrong with rumor mongering. In this report which says almost nothing at all, there is allusions that Apple will release a $99 netbook (the last point in an […]

Anyone else getting Sick of Netbook/iPhone Video Rumors?

I gotta say, I’m getting really sick of all the Netbook/iTablet and iPhone camera rumors. Even more so than previous rumors that have come along in the past. The “true” Video iPod rumor comes to mind – and even it was not quite as annoying as what we’ve seen recently. There is SO much speculation […]

Is This the new Mac Mini Box?

The new Mac Mini rumors continue to fly, this time with the support of an unedited photo that may or may not be the box that the new Mac Mini will ship in. As I write this its 5:00 am CST – so far nothing has appeared today to suggest that we’re getting new Mac […]

iMac, Mac Pro Refresh Likely Soon

Apple is reportedly deliberately reducing current iMac shipments which, if true, could be an indication that new iMac updates are a few weeks away. Both the iMac and Mac Pro lines are in need of a refresh, and desktop sales for Macs are beginning to sag slightly, so updated internals on both lines would not […]

Tim Cook Kills “iPhone Nano” Rumors

Tim Cook was on Apple’s Quarterly Results Conference Call yesterday afternoon and he became my new hero. You know why? Because he COMMENTED ON A PRODUCT RUMOR. When asked about the speculation around the “iPhone nano” Cook said, “You know us, we’re not going to play in the low-end voice phone business. That’s not who […]