RUMOR w/ Video: 6G iPod UI revealed?

So there is a new rumor about the 6G iPod…and this time there is video backing it up. If this IS true, then the next iPod WILL NOT be a full screen, iPhone like device. It will keep the same 4×3 screen, and the clickwheel will live on. This actually makes a lot of sense […]

Weekend Rumor Round-up: iPhone Browser, iTunes Movie Rentals, Full WWDC Transcript – Craziness abound!!

Well, it’s the weekend before WWDC…what do you expect?  Tons of Rumors?  Well…you got them!  Apple Insider and Mac Rumors were working overtime this weekend, reporting on every loopy thing they could think of over the weekend… Mac Rumors kicks things off with their insistance that iPhone users are checking their site with the phone’s […]

RUMOR: New Macbook Pros Tomorrow?

Macrumors believes we will see new Macbook Pros as early as tomorrow, June 5th, 2007. They also have a really good point to back it up. My initial thought is why on earth would Apple do that a week before WWDC? That’s exactly the question that Macrumors answers by bringing up the Educational Back to […]

RUMOR: Paul McCartney headed to iTunes?

Infinite Loop has posted an unconfirmed rumor that Paul McCartney will be promoting and selling his new albmun through iTunes, and that, additionally, he may add his entire back catalogue to the Apple online music store. Being a huge fan of his work, I hope this is true (if you want the closest thing you’ll […]