A few thoughts on the iPhone/Verizon rumor…

The big rumor going around today (and MAN – isn’t AMAZING how these “insiders” always seem to come out of the wood work when news and releases are slow? You’d think they PLAN it like this or something) is that Apple is going to release a CDMA iPhone with Verizon in 2009. I’m sure Verizon […]

About those AppleTV rumors…..

Rumors of the AppleTV’s demise have been greatly exaggerated over the weekend. Because of reports from retailers that the AppleTV’s advertising material was to be destroyed, a rumor has managed to seep its way through the Interwebs that the AppleTV is being replaced. It was further fueled by the fact that there is a webcast […]

German retailer claims to have the new Macbook Pro

A German retailer called T-systems (which is a division of Deutsche Telekom/T-Mobile – who already have the iPhone) has images of a Macbook Pro for sale. At least, they claim its a Macbook Pro. If it is its a redesigned model, because it includes a glossy screen with a black border – very similar to […]

Kevin Rose spills more about iTunes 8

Kevin Rose is at it again, posting more information about iTunes 8 on his official blog. On the site he says: What’s new in iTunes 8 iTunes 8 includes Genius, which makes playlists from songs in your library that go great together. Genius also includes Genius sidebar, which recommends music from the iTunes Store that […]

Rumormill churning out new material – claims Apple will update almost everything in Sept.

The rumor mill is starting to get its wheels spinning as the month of September rolls on closer. Now there is word circulating that Apple letting select retailers know that they should hold off before placing orders for Mac Minis, Macbook Pros, and Cinema Displays. First, it should be mentioned that rumors for almost EVERY […]