iPhoto Sucks: Replace it With These iPhoto Alternatives

[Updated: December 16, 2014] There was a time that every photo taken was developed and stored in a photo album. The photos could be organized however you wanted and stored in a way that they could be easily accessible. With the advent of digital photography however, organization, display, and sharing of photographs has moved from […]

Why Android Still Can’t Dominate iOS: 4 Areas Where the Android OS Falls Short

The Android OS has actually outsold Apple’s iPhone as of early 2013, due in part because of its existence on many phones across several companies. Source Though even if you ignore that numerical advantage, the Android OS has consistently been a strong competitor to the iPhone OS, often being touted and even preferred by a […]

Is Freemium the Future of Making Money With Apps?

The iOS App Store started its life all the way back in 2008 with iOS 2.0.1. At launch there were 500 apps available and by 2009 there were a total of 500 million apps downloaded. This seems like a pretty huge number until you see that this last December 2013, Apple posted $1 billion (yep, […]