Are we ever going to go back to talking about the Mac?

As I look over the last few months worth of posts – I am astounded by the number of iPhone related articles. There’s good reason for that of course. The iPhone is all we’ve had that’s worth talking about. The new iMac is great and all – but what does it look like? An iPhone. […]

Opinion: Is the iPod Touch a Mistake?

Now wait…put the torches down, and just listen to me for a second here…. I’ve been thinking about the iPod Touch recently, explaining it to people (as I often find myself doing in regards to Apple products), and I’m beginning to think this thing is a mistake. Now, I don’t mean the idea of a […]

Are there TOO many iPod Choices?

I’ve been thinking about since the Special Event last week, and I can’t seem to shake the feeling that there are just too many iPods out there to choose from. When the line was just iPods, Nanos, and Shuffles it was easier. There was still a lot of choice, but those choices were very clear. […]

Euro .Mac Users – Is your .Mac Service running slow?

MacNN is reporting that European .Mac users are noticing a crippling of downloads from iWeb websites as well as images from the .Mac Web Galleries. Being in the US, I can’t test it for myself, but I can say that I’m not seeing that kind of problem here. I know we have a large Euro […]

Could iPhone hacker George Hotz face jail time?

I don’t talk a lot about hacking the iPhone here, but a big story this week has been George Hotz and the fact that he was the first to fully unlock the iPhone. I was reading an article over at Macenstein, and it brought up a good point. One of the questions about the unlocking […]