Is a 24 hour Apple news network necessary?

The Digital Lifestyle network went live yesterday. Not a bad name for a Tech Metwork. Here’s the thing, though, they’re not billing themselves as a Tech Network. They’re billing themselves as a 24 hour Apple News Network. Soak that in for a minute. A 24 hour Apple News Network. Sometimes I have a hard time […]

Video: What the iPhone SHOULD look like this time next year

This (presumably hacked) iPhone has multiple pages of icons, and features Leopard-like Stacks as well. This, to me, is exactly where we should be seeing the iPhone going after Apple releases the SDK for it early next year. Right now it’s complete speculation on just how the SDK will work, and if everyone will be […]

Does OS X NEED to be a hardcore gaming Platform?

Earlier today I wrote about the whole Bungie situation that happened over the weekend. There was also another video game related Apple article that made the rounds this weekend. It stated that Apple didn’t want to pay Valve $1 million dollars to port Half-Life to the Mac. There is an interesting discussion on Digg (as […]

Why do we (Apple Users) NEED the Zune so bad?

It’s rumored that the new Zune may launch today. Who cares? Well…we do, for some reason. If you go looking around the Apple blog-o-sphere, you’ll see Zune related posts on every single blog. Now, I know you’re going to say it’s because the Zune is a rival MP3 Player and is, thus, worth covering. But […]

Are we ever going to go back to talking about the Mac?

As I look over the last few months worth of posts – I am astounded by the number of iPhone related articles. There’s good reason for that of course. The iPhone is all we’ve had that’s worth talking about. The new iMac is great and all – but what does it look like? An iPhone. […]

Opinion: Is the iPod Touch a Mistake?

Now wait…put the torches down, and just listen to me for a second here…. I’ve been thinking about the iPod Touch recently, explaining it to people (as I often find myself doing in regards to Apple products), and I’m beginning to think this thing is a mistake. Now, I don’t mean the idea of a […]