Who’s ready for iPhone OS 3.0? THIS GUY!

I’ve hit the 9th page. I keep deleting things I don’t really HAVE to have on my iPhone, but I keep hitting the 9th page again and again. I love downloading new Apps from the App Store, and trying out new things. Sure, I don’t have 9 pages of stuff that I HAVE to use […]

Upgrade to iTunes Plus by the Song

Apple has updated their iTunes Plus area to allow for upgrading your iTunes library to DRM Free iTunes Plus tracks by the song. One would assume this is in an attempt to improve upgrade sales. I have to say, though, that I find the whole having to pay an additional fee to be rid of […]

17-inch Macbook Pros delayed…or not

Apple Insider is reporting that Apple’s 17-inch Macbook Pro deliveries have been push backed to “near March” There claim is based on one specific report, and then a generalization about readers in Australia. While the 17-inch Macbook Pro may be taking longer to get to Australia than it will to the U.S. – I can […]

The iPhone “Get Rich Quick” Stories continue…

Ars Technica has posted a story this morning about the application “iShoot” which, after the release of a “lite” version, has been sitting at the top of the iPhone App heap for a few days now. Apparently the developer of the App has earned over $100,000 at this point, and has quit his day job […]

VIDEO: One of my favorite Steve Jobs lines ever.

There’s a lot of ongoing talk and speculation about Steve Jobs current health, which is to be expected after the announcement from earlier this week. I’m not interested in writing about that. We all know the situation and anything beyond what we’ve heard from Jobs himself is speculation at this point. I decided, instead, to […]

Let the iPhone Nano Rumors die…it’s not happening

The iPhone Nano rumor is trying to make a comeback after it’s lack of existence at Macworld disappointed next to no one. Now the updated nonsense is claiming that Apple will release the iPhone Nano in China. All of this, of course, is coming to us from an analyst named Brian Marshal from AmTech – […]