Apple’s iOS 7 vs. Google’s Android 4.4

Apple’s iOS 7 vs. Google’s Android 4.4 (via slashdot) Now that Apple’s iOS 7 is in the wild, it’s perhaps time to compare it with Google’s upcoming Android 4.4 (codenamed “KitKat,” as in the candy bar). As with previous versions of Android, this latest iteration is named after a sweet confection…

How To Get iOS 7 Running Faster on Older iPhones

The new iPhone 5S and 5C are amazingly fast devices. These wonders of technology run Apple’s newest iteration of iOS, iOS 7, with ease and speed. What about everyone with an iPhone 4? These are still amazing phones and shouldn’t be left out in the cold, especially since many organizations and businesses still use them […]

5 Annoying Things About iOS 7 and How to Fix Them

After the stampede of iOS users rushing to install the newest iteration of the iPhone operating system there have been mixed reviews. Most major issues boil down to a few tweaks that can be done easily. Knowing this, here are the 5 most annoying things about iOS 7 and how you can fix them. Notification […]

How iOS 7 Will Save the iPhone

The world of smartphones has grown crowded over the years since the original iPhone launched in 2008. Where Apple once slayed the competition they now fight for market share. By no means is Apple down on its luck, though, as the number 2 maker of smartphones is still in the game and gunning for number […]