Who Is the Voice of Siri?

Update 10.04.13: According to an expose on CNN, the original voice of Siri has finally been identified. It’s Susan Bennett of Atlanta, Georgia, an accomplished voiceover actress whose familiar voice can also be heard in announcements at the Atlanta airport and countless TV commercials, radio voiceovers, narrations, jingles, and much more.

Meet OS X Mountain Lion

Quite out of nowhere, Apple has just taken the wraps off of its next iteration of OS X. Dubbed “Mountain Lion,” it appears to be an incremental upgrade (akin to Snow Leopard’s following Leopard) that focuses mainly on bringing popular iOS apps and functions to the Mac. The big take away: there can no longer […]

Cashing In on Steve Jobs’ Legacy

A company called In Icons made headlines this week by announcing their freakishly-realistic Steve Jobs figurine/doll, which is set to go on sale in February. Is this a loving tribute to a man who changed the world? Or a dishonorable product that preys on the public’s fascination with the recently-deceased?