Apple ‘Notebook’ Special Event Live DISCUSSION tomorrow!

I don’t have direct access for tomorrow’s Special Event, and instead of doing some kind of “meta blog” coverage or something like that – I thought we’d do something a little different. You can get full live coverage of the event on Gizmodo, Engadget and several other places. Here, however, we’re going to have a […]

Apple Drops out of NAB 2008

Macenstein reports a bit of surprising news this afternoon. Apple has apparently dropped out of NAB 2008. For fans of Apple’s professional film/video editing products this is quite a surprise. Apple has, in the past, had one of the largest booths at NAB, showcasing the amazing Final Cut Studio suite, and other professional software options. […]

YouTube Find: Jobs Announces iPhone UK

Video of the UK only special event from yesterday has made its way onto YouTube. In it, you get a chance to see the first UK iPhone ads which are almost identical to the US ads, except they appear to feature different children in the email photos, a different site that I couldn’t quite make […]