Apple ‘Notebook’ Special Event Live DISCUSSION tomorrow!

I don’t have direct access for tomorrow’s Special Event, and instead of doing some kind of “meta blog” coverage or something like that – I thought we’d do something a little different. You can get full live coverage of the event on Gizmodo, Engadget and several other places. Here, however, we’re going to have a […]

Apple Drops out of NAB 2008

Macenstein reports a bit of surprising news this afternoon. Apple has apparently dropped out of NAB 2008. For fans of Apple’s professional film/video editing products this is quite a surprise. Apple has, in the past, had one of the largest booths at NAB, showcasing the amazing Final Cut Studio suite, and other professional software options. […]

YouTube Find: Jobs Announces iPhone UK

Video of the UK only special event from yesterday has made its way onto YouTube. In it, you get a chance to see the first UK iPhone ads which are almost identical to the US ads, except they appear to feature different children in the email photos, a different site that I couldn’t quite make […]

We will be Live Blogging tomorrow’s Special Event! Bookmark Now!

Just a note to everyone…we’ll be Live Blogging the Special Event tomorrow at the usual place. You can bookmark our Live Section and join us for the event tomorrow at the following time: 10:00AM – Pacific 11:00AM – Mountain 12:00PM – Central 1:00PM – Eastern 5:00PM – GMT 6:00PM – London 7:00PM – Paris As […]