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What are Connected Cars? Here’s What You Need to Know

Connected Cars

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Connected cars are no longer a luxury option. Instead, these cars improve client’s safety, satisfaction, and driving experience, as well as boost the efficiency of the car. So, what’s the revolutionizing force behind the connected cars that is driving the significant rise in the automotive industry? So, let’s understand what are connected cars, what are their key features, advantages, issues and challenges, and future prospects-

What are Connected Cars?

Connected cars are simply vehicles with an Internet connection. Some connected cars have a built-in antenna and chipset to connect to the Internet. You can connect other types of connected cars with your smartphone and share your internet connection with the vehicle. An important feature of connected cars is that Internet connection and data sharing are possible within the outside and inside devices of the car. Access to the Internet helps connected cars to perform a user’s request and function accordingly.

Now, let’s understand the functionalities of a connected car to have a clear about how this car works-

How Do Connected Cars Function?

There are mainly two types of connected cars- i) one that involves an embedded system, and ii) the other that involves a tethered system. If a car has an embedded system this means there are installed chipsets and antenna in the car to offer an internet connection. On the other hand, cars with a tethered system have built-in hardware to connect to the owner’s smartphone.

With the help of the Internet connection, connected cars can download updates/ software patches, access and transmit data, offer WiFi connection to the passengers, and build an Internet connection with IoT and other devices.

Some Decisive Features of Connected Cars

  • One of the decisive features of connected cars is that you can enjoy Internet connectivity while driving. You can get WiFi connectivity from your car, access online apps and services, and download updates.
  • The connectivity between the car and your smartphone app helps you to remotely activate the car’s functions. Whether it’s about opening the car’s sunroof, honking the horn, unlocking the door, or locating the car through GPS, everything you can do from your smartphone app.
  • The V2V communication technology of connected cars is a useful feature for sharing data between vehicles, including the conditions of the road, traffic movements, and speed limits.
  • The geo-fencing feature of the connected cars helps parents and owners to set a geographical boundary for the car. If the car is out of that geographical boundary, the owner will immediately come to know about that through his smartphone.
  • Connect cars for their entertainment facilities. You can listen to your favorite music, watch movies, and play internet radio in your connected car.
  • There are some exciting safety features available in the connected cars, including SOS calls for emergencies, tracking of the car’s live location through your smartphone app, and roadside help for the breakdown of the vehicle.
  • Some connected cars have remote parking facilities where you can park the vehicle remotely using the car app on your smartphone.

It is expected to see more innovations in connected car technology in the future as this technology is crucial not only for conventional cars but also for self-driving cars.

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