How to Fix an iPhone 15 Pro Overheating Issues

A close-up of an iPhone 15 Pro overheating, with smoke rising from the screen displaying a red-hot warning and distorted visuals.

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The newest addition to the Apple iPhone is almost the perfect device. While the newest device shines in many ways, many users have noticed iPhone 15 Pro overheating issues!

In this article, we look into the common causes of this issue, share firsthand experiences from users, and offer practical solutions to help you manage and mitigate overheating. 

Whether you’re a new owner or considering an upgrade, understanding these challenges is crucial for optimizing your iPhone’s performance.

Common Scenarios Leading to Overheating

Here are some of the most common scenarios that may lead to your iPhone 15 Pro overheating.

Phone 15 Pro Overheating Issues from Intensive App Usage

High-demand applications can push the iPhone 15 Pro’s hardware to its limits, leading to overheating. Common culprits include.

  • Gaming: Graphics-intensive games require significant processing power, which generates heat.
  • Video Streaming: Prolonged streaming, especially in high resolution, stresses the CPU and GPU.
  • Augmented Reality Apps: These apps combine camera input, screen output, and intense processing, all of which contribute to higher temperatures.

Environmental Factors Contributing to iPhone Overheating Issues

The environment in which you use your iPhone 15 Pro can also affect its thermal performance.

  • High Ambient Temperatures: Using the phone in hot conditions or direct sunlight increases the risk of overheating.
  • Poor Ventilation: Operating the phone on soft surfaces like beds or couches can block the device’s vents.

Charging and Background Activities

Some users report their iPhone overheating when charging and background activities unexpectedly heating up their iPhone.

  • Using Non-Apple Chargers: Chargers that do not adhere to Apple’s specifications may deliver power inconsistently, causing excess heat. Make sure you only buy reputable iPhone chargers for a good price.
  • Background Updates and Syncs: Continuous data syncing or software updates in the background, especially when connected to Wi-Fi, can keep the device persistently active, leading to overheating.

User Experiences and Complaints

A shocked person holding an iPhone 15 Pro with a warning message on the screen and flames indicating severe overheating issues.

Patterns in User Feedback

The iPhone 15 Pro has garnered attention not only for its features but also for the overheating issues reported by users. 

Key points of feedback include.

  • Performance During Overheating: Users report significant drops in performance when the device overheats, such as lagging response times, apps crashing, and the phone automatically shutting down to cool.
  • Specific Activities Causing Heat: Many users pinpoint specific activities that trigger overheating, such as using the camera for extended periods, particularly during video recording, or engaging in augmented reality applications.

Sometimes the issue is without a solution, so you should consider looking for the best iPhone 15 Pro deals and buy a new device.

Phone 15 Pro Overheating Issues Impact on Daily Usage

The overheating issues have practical implications for daily use.

  • Discomfort in Handling: Users frequently mention the discomfort of holding the phone when it becomes excessively hot, particularly during phone calls or gaming sessions.
  • Battery Drain: Overheating accelerates battery depletion, which affects the phone’s usability throughout the day.

Community Responses

Online forums and social media platforms have seen a flurry of activity, with users sharing their experiences and seeking solutions. 

These platforms have become vital in collating user experiences and forming community-driven strategies to handle the overheating issue.

This feedback has painted a clear picture of the challenges faced by iPhone 15 Pro users, highlighting the need for effective solutions and manufacturer intervention.

Potential Solutions and Workarounds For Overheating Issues

Software Updates and Settings Adjustments

Addressing overheating often begins with software management, which can significantly impact the device’s thermal performance.

  • System Updates: Regularly updating the iOS can help, as updates often include fixes that improve system efficiency and manage overheating issues.
  • Background App Refresh: Disabling background app refresh for non-essential apps can reduce CPU load and prevent overheating.
  • Lower Screen Brightness: Reducing screen brightness decreases power consumption, which can help keep the device cooler.

Hardware Modifications

Adjusting how and where the iPhone 15 Pro is used can also be a practical approach to managing heat.

  • Use Certified Accessories: Ensuring that all accessories, especially chargers, are certified by Apple can prevent improper charging practices that lead to excess heat.
  • Adequate Ventilation: Avoid using or charging the phone on soft surfaces that might block ventilation. Opt for hard, flat surfaces that allow proper air circulation.

External Solutions

For those needing immediate relief from overheating, external solutions can be effective.

  • Cooling Cases: Some protective cases are designed to dissipate heat more efficiently than standard cases.
  • Portable Fans: Small, portable fans can help cool the device during extended use, especially in warm environments,

Implementing these solutions and workarounds can help minimize the overheating issues experienced with the iPhone 15 Pro, enhancing both performance and user comfort.


While the iPhone 15 Pro is a powerhouse of technology, overheating remains a concern for some users. 

By understanding the primary causes and applying practical solutions like software updates and proper accessory usage, you can significantly alleviate these issues. 

Staying informed and proactive is key to ensuring that your iPhone 15 Pro operates smoothly and maintains optimal performance and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the iPhone 15 Pro still have heating issues?

Yes, some users continue to report overheating issues with the iPhone 15 Pro.

How to stop iPhone 15 overheating issues?

Reduce brightness, disable background app refresh, avoid using in high temperatures, and use certified chargers.

Are there issues with the iPhone 15 Pro?

Yes, besides overheating, users have reported issues with battery drain and occasional lag.

Why is the iPhone suddenly overheating?

Sudden overheating can be due to intensive app usage, software bugs, or environmental factors like high temperatures.

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