Apple Pencil Not Charging Problems: Common Issues and Fixes

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Facing the Apple Pencil not charging problem can be frustrating, especially when you rely on it for your creative endeavors. 

In this tutorial, we’ll explore the common reasons why your Apple Pencil might not be charging and provide straightforward fixes to get it back up and running. 

Whether it’s a simple cable issue or a more complex software glitch, we’ve got you covered with easy-to-follow steps to troubleshoot and resolve the problem. 

Let’s dive in and get your Apple Pencil charging again!

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apple pencil not charging

Common Issues

Here are some common issues many users are facing.

Insufficient Power

When your Apple Pencil fails to charge, one potential culprit could be insufficient usage of the iPad or charging adapter. 

This often occurs when using a low-powered USB port or a faulty charging adapter. 

Additionally, using the Apple Pencil while it’s charging may draw more power than the charging source can provide, resulting in inadequate charging.

To resolve this, follow these steps.

  • Use a high-quality charging adapter: Ensure you’re not using a fake adapter and using one that provides sufficient power to charge the Apple Pencil.
  • Avoid simultaneous usage: Refrain from using the Apple Pencil while it’s charging to allow for uninterrupted power flow and efficient charging.

Damaged Charging Cable

Another common issue is a damaged or faulty Lightning cable

After an extended period, cables can fray, become bent, or suffer damage from regular wear and tear, leading to intermittent charging or no charging at all.

To address this, follow these steps.

  • Inspect the Lightning cable: Look for any visible damage such as exposed wires or bent connectors.
  • Test with a different cable: If possible, try using another Apple-certified Lightning cable to see if the issue persists.
  • Replace if necessary: If you notice any damage or the cable fails to charge the Apple Pencil, replacing it with a new, Apple-certified one can often resolve the charging issue.

Dirty Connectors

Dirt, dust, and debris can accumulate on both the Lightning connector of the charging cable and the charging port of the Apple Pencil, hindering the charging process. 

Even a small amount of buildup can disrupt the electrical connection needed for charging.

To clean the connectors.

  • Gather cleaning materials: Use a soft, dry cloth or a brush designed for electronics.
  • Clean the Lightning connector: Gently wipe the connector to remove any dirt or debris.
  • Clean the Pencil’s charging port: Carefully brush or wipe the port to ensure it is free of dust and debris.
  • Avoid liquids and abrasives: Do not use liquids or abrasive materials that could cause further damage.

Software Glitches

Software-related issues can also interfere with the Apple Pencil’s charging functionality. 

This might include bugs or glitches in the iOS software that prevent the device from recognizing the Apple Pencil or initiating the charging process correctly. 

If you suspect a software problem, try restarting your iPad or updating to the latest version of iOS. 

Sometimes, a simple software reset can resolve charging issues related to a software issue, restoring normal functionality to your Apple Pencil.

apple pencil not charging

Troubleshooting Steps for the Apple Pencil Not Charging Issue

Here are many ways to resolve your charging issue for the Apple Pencil.

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Step 1: Checking Power Source

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Try using a different outlet to rule out any issues with the power source.

If possible, test the power source with another device to confirm its functionality.

Verify that the charging adapter is firmly connected to both the power source and the Lightning cable.

Step 2: Inspecting Charging Cable

Examine the Lightning cable for any visible signs of damage such as fraying or exposed wires.

Ensure that the Lightning cable is securely connected to both the charging adapter and the Apple Pencil.

Try using a different Lightning cable to determine if the issue lies with the cable itself.

Avoid using third-party or damaged cables, as they may not provide sufficient power for charging.

Step 3: Cleaning Connectors

Use a soft, dry brush or compressed air to remove any debris or dust from the Lightning connector and the Pencil’s charging port.

Be gentle when cleaning to avoid causing damage to the connectors.

If there is visible dirt or grime, lightly dampen a cloth with isopropyl alcohol and gently wipe the connectors.

Allow the connectors to dry completely before attempting to charge the Apple Pencil again.

Step 4: Software Checks

Restart the iPad by holding down the power button until the slider appears, once the slider appears slide to power off. Once off, press and hold the volume button and home button or just the power button again until the Apple logo appears.

After the Apple logo appears check for any pending software updates by navigating to Settings > General > Software Update on your iPad.

If an update is available, follow the on-screen instructions and tap download and install it.

If the issue persists, consider rebooting the iPad’s network settings app by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Note that this will reset all network settings app but will not erase your data.

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apple pencil not charging

Fixes for the Apple Pencil Not Charging Issue

With these fixes you should have a smooth charging process.

Replacing the Charging Cable

If your Apple Pencil isn’t charging and you suspect a faulty cable, it’s wise to replace it. 

Ensure you acquire a genuine Lightning cable compatible with your device to avoid compatibility issues. 

When selecting a replacement cable, consider the length and durability to suit your needs. 

By investing in a new cable, you eliminate the possibility of charging problems stemming from cable damage.

Checking for Dirt Spots on the Connectors

Over a period of time, charging issues can arise due to dirt or debris obstructing the connection between the Lightning connector and the Apple Pencil’s charging port. 

To address this, gently clean both the Lightning connector and the port on the Apple Pencil using a soft, dry cloth or a brush. 

Avoid using liquids or sharp objects, as these could cause damage. 

Thorough cleaning ensures a secure connection for efficient charging.

Updating Software

Software glitches can also impede the charging process. Ensure your iPad’s software is up to date by navigating to network Settings > General > Software Update. 

If an update is available, tap download and proceed with the installation. Additionally, restarting your device can sometimes resolve minor software issues. 

By keeping your iOS version current, you minimize the risk of encountering charging problems related to software conflicts or bugs.

Contacting Apple Support for Apple Pencil Not Charging

If the above fixes fail to resolve the issue, it’s advisable to contact the Support for further assistance. 

They can provide personalized guidance and troubleshooting steps tailored to your specific situation. 

Whether it’s arranging a re pair or exploring other solutions, their support center is equipped to help you get your Apple Pencil charging reliably once again.


Troubleshooting and fixing Apple Pencil charging issues can often be straightforward with the right approach. 

By addressing common problems like damaged cables, dirty connectors, and software glitches, you can restore reliable charging functionality to your device. 

Remember, if you encounter persistent issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to Apple Support for personalized assistance. 

Let’s keep those creative juices flowing with a fully charged Apple Pencil!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Apple Pencil not charging?

Your Apple Pencil may not be charging due to various reasons such as insufficient power, a damaged charging cable, dirty connectors, or software glitches.

How to fix a dead Apple Pencil?

Try using a different pencil charging cable and power source from the apple store, clean the connectors, ensure your software is up to date, and if all else fails, contact the Support control center for assistance.

How to force an Apple Pencil to charge?

Ensure the Apple Pencil is connected securely to the charging cable and power source, then wait for it to charge. If it doesn’t charge, try troubleshooting steps like cleaning connectors or using a different cable.

Why has my Apple Pencil stopped working?

Your Apple Pencil may have stopped working due to a dead pencil battery, software issues, or physical damage. Try charging it first, then troubleshoot software and hardware problems accordingly, and tap Bluetooth and do the re pairing process with the iPad. If issues persist, contact Apple Support control center for further assistance.

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