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Why is it a cute idea to develop a mobile app for enterprise?

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Statistics is a stubborn thing and an  intelligent  advisor, and since it has demonstrated the growth of effectiveness at the working place by 40% due to implementation of corporate apps, it makes sense to explore the issue of mobile app development for enterprise with predilection.

The Purrweb team sheds light on various types of products which can intricate business and shares tips on how to organize enterprise app development with maximum impact. 

With the plethora of improvements and expanded opportunities, enterprise app development brings a variety of changes in business indicators. Sometimes, corporate products become so helpful and popular that it can’t help being engaged in their influence. The history of digital business knows a bunch of examples when the app designed for internal communication, professional or commercial needs turned out to be in demand for other enterprises or millions of  users. Skype, Slack, Adobe Photoshop are a few examples of these development trajectories. 


To weigh all the pros and cons of enterprise app development, invite your common sense and curiosity in the journey where we’ll open the diverse facets of the issue. 

Why is enterprise app development worth investment?

Let’s put on the hat of the lucky corporate app owner and highlight which gifts for business thriving we can discover.

  • Advanced communication

The co-workers aren’t compelled to pursue each other, wait for hours of invitation in order to find out the necessary information or get permission or something else. They can connect via app and decide any work issues in just a few minutes. 

  • Less time wasting

What makes enterprise app development a rewarding choice for business is an opportunity to automate routine operations. Thanks to automation, the employees spend less time on stereotyped operations, and there appears to be room for improvement of the service. 

  • Agile management

Real-time tracking the tasks and the state of their fulfillment equips you with actual statistics and analytics on the situation in the business: you can keep your finger on the pulse of the current state of affairs and make fast changes if required. The additional value of enterprise app development concerns flexibility of the workflows. If manufacturers need specific data from managers and field workers, they can  receive it just in a few clicks if the corporate product is tailored properly. 

  • Nursing loyalty to brand and enhancing of reputation

No one dreams to wait for ages when they need help, advice or any explanations. Through the enterprise app development your customer support team is enabled to lend a helping hand anywhere, anytime. These factors definitely have a positive impact on the relationship between your company and customers, and it shouldn’t be neglected. 

Seven popular trends in enterprise app development

  •  User experience centered

To engage customers or employees into interaction with a digital helper, shape it as user-friendly as you can imagine. User-centered approach is never outdated, but it is a reliable foundation for tailoring a solution that aligns the deepest user’s needs. If one wants to have a real-time live chat, the product should offer the feature. 

  • Adapted for various platforms

Take care of smartphone owners as well as iPhone amateurs: no discrimination. Thanks to React Native, it’s possible to build two versions of a corporate product simultaneously. That’s one of the reasons why the Purrweb team appreciates this tool, and offers entrepreneurs to save time and budget ordering enterprise app development for iOS and Android at the same time. 

  • Cloud based solutions

As it’s very convenient to have access to the app from any location, anytime, many companies consider it in the cloud. Fast uploading and convenience motivate entrepreneurs to choose these alternatives of the corporate solution instead of others. 

  • Synchronization with wearable devices

Getting used to being mobile, people will be grateful if the app can be effortlessly available via various gadgets, and smart watches are in the list. So, pay attention to a flawless integration of the app with wearable devices.

  • Solid attention to data security

Since the app accumulates a lot of sensitive data, the task to keep it safe doesn’t seem excessive. Make sure that the team you’re going to cooperate with, knows how to avoid data leaking, and they provide the product with the necessary level of protection. 

  • AI and ML elements

When you’re building an app targeted to support customers worldwide, you can’t do without a language converter. Chatbots also empower the service to reveal more flexibility and effectiveness. 

  • Blockchain

 These platforms are getting more popular in the spheres where the impossibility to change data is essential. If you’re going to register intellectual property or any other rights, this approach can be a game changer. 

How to integrate an enterprise app in business workflows seamlessly

Before starting enterprise app development, define exactly who, why and how will use the app. Bear in mind that it should facilitate certain processes in an organization: boost customer support, enhance employee adaptation, faster information exchange and co-workers interaction etc. 

The enterprise app development can be honed for:

  • internal needs (facilitate communication and data exchange for co-workers);
  • external needs (improve tools for interaction with customers);
  • universal needs (ranked access to the tools and information for various users).


For example, you’ve decided to design an app focused on a fast adaptation of new employees. Think over the functionality the app should demonstrate: messenger with access to mentors and professional community, case management tools, video and audio guides, professional tips, automated check of tasks etc. Since you know what and for whom you’re planning to perform, entrust the task to the agency that can live up to your expectations. 

The guys at Purrweb have shown a proven track record in enterprise app development, and they know how to invent a product that matches the user’s needs and desires. Helpful and delightful are the words called to describe the experience the customers gain using a corporate product. And if you’re ready to make the first step towards better business metrics and image, get in touch with experts and apply their expertise in order to reach your goals. 


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Kossi Adzo is a technology enthusiast and digital strategist with a fervent passion for Apple products and the innovative technologies that orbit them. With a background in computer science and a decade of experience in app development and digital marketing, Kossi brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the Apple Gazette team.

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