Why are Pokemon cards worth so much ?

Are you a Pokemon Collector or a Player of the card game? If you are a fan and wondering why Pokemon cards are worth so much, you are not alone. The information on verified sites shows that there are only 9000 Pokemon cards globally, with about 20 million players. This page will uncover and explain why the cards are pricey. And discuss factors like scarcity, how widespread it is played, the brand, features, and more.

Scarcity of the Pokemon Cards

Magic Mad House is one of the largest retailers of Pokemon cards and card games, providing fans and collectors like you where to buy pokemon cards uk. You should note that Pokemon cards manufacturers have created only 9000 unique cards. That means the cards are limited in supply. After the Pokemon video game became a huge success globally, the Pokemon card game was launched in October 1996 in Japan. Today, there are over 20 million players in this exciting game worldwide.

Another discovery is that the scarcer cards are, the more Collectors want them. Although most Pokemon cards are scarce, some are scarcer than others because Collectors buy up the few selected cards among the cards in circulation. The law of economics kicks in when supply cannot meet demands, prices go up.

Rare Promotional Cards and Playing The Game For Real Money

Like other commodities, the price of Pokemon cards depends on demand and supply. Some cards may cost a hefty amount in the market, and others cost less. If the maker releases the cards for memorable occasions or advertisements, they become more attractive to collectors and fans. That will cause the price to go up.

Another reason the cards are costly is due to the popularity of the Pokemon Card game. The game is played internationally by millions of fans for real money. Players buy these out-of-print cards hoping to gain an advantage over their opponents in the Pokemon card game.

Cards Out Of Print, New Cards Features, And Brand Popularity

Some cards are out of circulation, which makes them more collectible items, and in hot demand. Because they are a limited set of cards, they are more expensive.

Another reason Pokemon cards are valuable is that newer cards in circulation have unique features that let you scan them with a phone to view information on them. As a result, those cards are more engaging and increase their demand. Again, Pokemon is a recognized brand, and the game is exciting to fans. That’s why card orders are high.

Pokemon Cards Are Visually Appealing

The cards have an aesthetic attraction to fans and Collectors. Pokemon cards are designed intentionally and visually enticing and of high quality. And if a card Illustrator signs it, the card becomes more attractive to Collectors. Fans also want those cards because they are beautiful.

Old Cards and Where to Buy Pokemon Cards

People who love the game may buy any Pokemon cards. But collectors and players will pay a high price for a rare card. Pokemon cards are rare, and you won’t easily find those cards to buy like you would coins or stamps, which they sell in auction stores and local shops.

They are sold only by specific retailers and private sellers. The scarcity of places to buy the cards increases their worth to fans and collectors.


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