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The rapid growth of video-based social giants like TikTok and YouTube has increased the demand for video editing tools.  The struggle to become an influencer on these platforms and the need to post a viral video has raised concern about the best video editor to use on a Mac.

Mac is an excellent computer for video editors, but the needed software is a little pricey.  The market has less expensive video editing software for your computer that you can consider.  Some are simply browser video editors, while others, such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and DaVinci Resolve, must be downloaded and installed on your Mac.  Whatever the case, creative professionals like video editors or photographers need the right set of tools.  If you’re looking for such, then you’re in the right place.


This powerful online video editor helps users to create videos in their browser and since it has a unique cloud powered video processing tech it means that you don’t need a powerful computer to run it. You can render even 4K videos that are one hour long in less than 3 minutes on your old dusty Mac, no need to spend thousands of dollars on a new one.  With this tool, you can add text, sounds, images, auto–subtitles, transitions, and more to your videos.  Another good news is that you don’t need to download or install Flixier to cut, trim or crop your videos.  You can do that in a couple of minutes on your browser.

Further, users of different experience levels can use this browser video editor to create high-quality content.  The tool combines a ready-made drag and drop feature and a powerful interface, thus satisfying everyone’s needs.  Other benefits of using Flixier include cloud-powered rendering, real-time collaboration, built-motion titles, auto subtitle generation, and animated calls to action. As you can see, unlike many other browser based editors this one is much more powerful and flexible, it can be easily compared to a desktop one.

Movavi Video Editor

With this user-friendly programs, you can create and montage videos with ease, even in 4K and Full HD. Crop and rotate files, cut and join video segments, and animate objects. Use special effects, like Chroma Key, Pan & Zoom, Object Animation, and more. You can also work with music: add your favorite songs, or edit the built-in tracks. Movavi software compatible with both Windows and Mac.

The program offers numerous effects and filters that enable you to correct colors and make your clips more vivid. Transitions smooth the flow of your footage, and atmospheric intros will draw your audience into your videos from the start. Stabilization helps you to reduce the effects of camera shake and with the scene detection, you can cut your clip into several pieces and even find and delete scenes that include a particular character.

You can even record images from a webcam or incorporate audio using the mic. This smart video editing software will enable you to create everything from tutorials and guides to business presentations and celebration videos. The only limit is your imagination.

Apple iMovie

The Apple-made free video editing software for Mac is one of the best tools for beginners because it lacks complex features, ease of use, and macOS integration.  iMovie is a lighter version of Final Cut Pro and as familiar as Apple Photos.  The tool helps amateurs cut and edit home movies, so it’s not ideal for professional use.

Apple iMovie doesn’t have advanced features like Flixier, Adobe Premiere Pro, or Final Cut Pro.  However, the tool can help you create striking effects, titles, trailers, transitions, as well as add audio isolation, color matching, and white balancing.  Further, iMovie has templates for a host of film types which helps to create videos from scratch.

Final Cut Pro

The video editing software is ideal for beginners and professional video editors.  Apple has made it easy to use so that it can be more accessible and less intimidating to amateurs.

Final Cut Pro seamlessly imports audio from iTunes and images from Apple Photos to create personalized home movies.  Its recent versions have improved color and sound correction.  However, professionals that require full control of color balances can switch to Adobe Premiere.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Many professional production houses use the timeline-based video editor because it’s a perfect tool for both Mac and Windows computers.  The video editing software has been updated and can now support the M1 chip.  It offers a new freeform view for viewing and organizing media files and storyboards, auto-Ducking, rulers and guides, faster mask tracking, and more.

As a result of its regular updates, Adobe Premiere Pro is popular among TV editors, videographers, filmmakers, and YouTubers.  Other benefits of using this video editing software include media asset management, workflow automation, and integration with content marketing software.

DaVinci Resolve

The color grading and correction tool evolved into a nonlinear video editing software for professional use such as color grading, movie editing, stereoscopic 3D sound, multi-cam needs, high precision audio editing, and advanced trimming in Hollywood.  Professionals use this tool because of its powerful finishing features that meet the video editing industry standards.

In fact, Hollywood uses DaVinci Resolve to polish movies after editing them with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.  The tool has a free version that can help you use to edit your videos and export them in SD, HD, and Ultra HD.


You can’t go wrong with the video editing software mentioned above.  These tools have basic features that beginners and hobbyists need to create quality home videos and several advanced features for professional editing for Hollywood movies.

Flixier is our top choice because, aside from giving you free trials, it is super fast and you can use it without downloading and installing it on your Mac.  It is a browser video editor that you can use to create amazing videos and even collaborate with your team in real time.  That means you can begin your video editing journey with Flixier right away.


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