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Charter jets differ from scheduled flights in that they offer travelers more comfortable departure terminals with five-star service and shorter lines for check-in and TSA screening, plus five-star cabin attendant service.

Consideration should be given to booking a San Francisco charter flight for various reasons, with some notable benefits including:


Charter flights allow you to select an ideal departure time that works with your busy schedule and avoid long wait times at crowded airports. In addition, charter flights enable you to customize meals and amenities as you fly directly from a small terminal known as an FBO terminal.

On-demand private jet charter flights are priced based on market rates. Unlike scheduled commercial flights where passengers buy seats individually, charters provide you with access to an entire aircraft allowing prices to change depending on season or day of week.

When selecting on-demand charter services, search for Part 135 operators who go beyond what’s required of them with regard to quality control programs and commission-free direct price quotes – this will give you peace of mind knowing your flight is fully insured while paying only for what you actually require. Also be prepared for additional fees such as refueling surcharges, positioning fees catering and ground transportation fees.


As flight delays and cancellations mount due to commercial airlines’ workforce shortages, travelers are turning to charter flights as an efficient travel solution. A charter flight is an unscheduled private aircraft flight you rent for your trip duration and reserve as you like.

An advantage of charter flight travel is being able to bring along your pet, design meals from gourmet restaurants and delis, enjoy entertainment options including Wi-Fi connectivity for iPhone/Android devices and stereo systems, plus speedier arrival at destination airports without dealing with crowds of travelers at airports. Charters also help passengers arrive faster and more comfortably at their destinations faster and more comfortably than conventional air travel options.

Air charter services provide flexible solutions, from on-demand (sold per hour), fractional ownership and jet cards. Be sure to ask about requote policies, service recovery procedures and fuel surcharges before signing any charter agreement – these fees can add up quickly so it’s essential that you fully comprehend their fine print!


San Francisco Private Jet Charter provides the ultimate in safety and security. Flying privately allows you to bypass airport congestion, eliminating delays. Your flight will arrive at one of many regional or executive airports nearby for a more seamless arrival and departure experience.

Experience an excellent flight with New Flight Charters’ ARG/US Platinum-rated and Wyvern Wingman Certified operators, operating under an authorized agency agreement on behalf of clients as an ARG/US Platinum-rated DOT registered FAR Part 135 direct air carriers that exercise full operational control at all times.

Chartering a Phenom 100 or Eclipse 500 very light jet for local business trips and events in the Bay Area; renting a Citation X, Gulfstream G280, Legacy 500 for short haul flights to Las Vegas, Chicago or Houston; or selecting from among Challenger 604, Falcon 2000/EX/LXS/LXS Global series long range jets can make transcontinental and transoceanic travel effortless and stress free. New Flight Charters operates all flights under PCJ Aviation LLC with industry’s best charter guarantee to guarantee their customers.


Though business travel has yet to return to pre-pandemic levels, fliers still have plenty of convenient ways to access and depart the Bay Area. Private jet charters provide a much more luxurious flight experience than commercial flights do – including bypassing security lines and avoiding congested terminals.

Charter flights often operate out of smaller regional airports that offer greater convenience, saving fliers both time and energy. Furthermore, charter passengers have more control over when their departure and arrival times occur, rather than being restricted by airlines’ schedules.

Some private jet services offer membership options with different perks for their members, such as waiver of service fee for two seats on shared charters, free seats during empty legs and access to dedicated advisers. XO provides RISE Tier memberships which cost $595 annually with no initial deposits or fees required – the option also offers the XO Elite Access feature at $1,000 monthly with a $100,000 minimum initial deposit requirement and concierge-level support.

Similarly, OneFlight offers different one way flight options for individuals and groups ranging from the Flex package, which is just a seat on a round trip charter with no refunds, to the Plus package, which offers more versatility with one-way flight and refund options.

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