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If you never stop searching for the best intuitive home design programs, you aren’t alone. For the teams that are regularly engaged in creating different-scale architecture projects, finding the right software isn’t just an optional task — it is a must.

When it comes to multifunctional solutions that will be especially great for designing backyard territories with unique zoning, Live Home 3D is among our favorites. Stay tuned to get a deeper insight into how this cross platform app can help you.


First things first, this software lets us catch the inspiration mood anywhere and anytime. Taking into account that even the most complex design tricks can be done on the go, Live Home 3D reigns several ratings as the best backyard design software. On the official website, you can easily check what versions of iOS, iPadOS, Windows and macOS are supported: https://www.livehome3d.com .

Along with this high level of compatibility, we can’t help but admire how this software works — its autosave and the provided ability to access our projects seamlessly, no matter what devices we use at the moment.


Overall, this program is a top-rated choice for drafting, 2D drawing and 3D rendering. We can easily switch between the modes and arrange a lovely virtual walkthrough of the created backyard plan. This way, our team can anticipate how functional our ideas will be in real life.

Another feature we adore is the opportunity to work on your design in 2D and 3D at the same time — the program simply enables us to use its split mode and see how tiny changes in the plan influence the three-dimensional view of a pergola or patio in the yard.

Our Favorite Features

We are amazed by how intuitive Live Home 3D is. Compared to other backyard design apps, avoiding a steep learning curve is lifesaving. We didn’t have to spend weeks understanding how things work, as this often happens with such software.

Here are some great functions our team would recommend trying:

  • Using the Pit feature, it is possible to create pits, which is extremely useful for swimming pool creation.
  • The Pathway feature is self-explanatory. Have you ever tried to create a grid of paths for your backyard or garden, enabling you to easily reach from one zone to another?

  • Working with uneven ground in your backyard is complicated, but having a plan with all the details considered in advance is the best approach. Live Home 3D Pro helps us cope with the task with the help of Elevation tools.
  • Drag-and-drop tools are an efficient technique we adore a lot. It is so simple to change the look of different objects and surfaces in the backyard designs.
  • Professional designers will understand how frustrating it might be to lose your design changes by accidentally clicking the wrong button. With Live Home 3D, that’s not an issue. Its Autosave feature guarantees our work is always up-to-date and includes all the latest iterations.
  • One more feature we would like to emphasize is the Apple Pencil support. Some precise changes are so much easier when made with the graphic pencil.

Extensive Library

Live Home 3D’s in-app collection of outdoor objects is second to none, including dozens of benches, chairs, pavilions, garden kitchens, and so on. Don’t forget about the greenery — you can choose from numerous types of plants and other objects that will transform your yard into a cozy and functional masterpiece.

Try Out Backyard Design

Whether you are interested in adding a pathway or arranging your backyard facilities correctly in the design plan before actually digging in, Live Home 3D comes in. We greatly appreciate its rich suite of tools and intuitive guidance from the team. With lots of video tutorials and instructions on how to use its features, it is truly one of the best backyard design apps we have encountered so far. Visit the official site, download the right version on your device, and start transforming your backyard view right away!


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