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Movies to Watch on Showtime in Canada Right Now

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Showtime is a fantastic broadcasting service that allows you to watch both on-demand programming and Pay-Per-View events, but due to geo-restrictions, it is only accessible in the US. This is not a subject to be bothered about, you can Watch showtime in Canada and enjoy the current series with just one click by signing up for a reliable VPN.

You frequently are unaware of the massive collection of films that are also accessible through a platform like Showtime when you subscribe to a certain show. That library for Showtime contains a significant number of relatively recent film titles that received high praise when they were first released. All of these films are highly recommended, even if only some of them received Oscar nominations.

Showtime has a tremendous variety of current movies from A-list directors, and many of their movies also have A-list actors in them. Here are some of the movies available on Showtime:

Hustlers (2019)

Hustlers pay homage to its spectacular advertising and are based on a factual story. In the movie, strippers start serving famous people, drugging them, and then feasting on their bank cards. As a supporting character, Jennifer Lopez performs a ground-breaking appearance. The Oscars famously passed over this role whenever it came time to present honors just at the end of the year. From start to finish, Hustlers is a film about crime, sisters, and how the economy is built to benefit some groups of people while neglecting others.

Psycho (1960)

Mostly well films have a rationale for their popularity. It pertains to Psycho since it is perhaps one of the most intriguing movies ever made. Psycho was a 1960 horror thriller. The movie is known for commencing as a story about a lady who stole from her boss before immediately turning into something far darker and grubbier than that concept suggests. Not only was Psycho horrifying because it defied expectations, but the movie also included some of Alfred Hitchcock’s best filmmaking to date. Hitchcock is regarded as the “master of suspense” for a reason, and Psycho exhibits him at the height of his abilities.

Hereditary (2018)

Usually, horror films are made to make you feel frightened, but very few are as eternally terrible as Hereditary. The narrative of a family disintegrating is presented in Ari Aster’s debut film as a director. There are paranormal factors at play here, but they aren’t the primary priority. The most terrible aspect of Hereditary is how loss and sadness can utterly obliterate your identity, leaving you with no idea of what’s left of you. Hereditary contains a lot of scary moments that are entirely legitimate, but after the credits roll, you’re left with the impression that perhaps the world is scarier than you ever imagined.

 Green Room (2015)

This movie is about a destitute punk band that volunteers to play at a Nazi-run country tavern. They are obliged to combat for their life to get away after unintentionally witnessing a murder. As far as thriller goes, Green Room is among the grimmer and most gory examples of the genre.

Even though some of the thrills are more inclined to make you queasy than a squeal, the film nevertheless offers plenty of thrills. In all the right ways, Green Room is visceral.

Ex Machina (2015)

Ex Machina might be oppressive in almost all of the wrong manner in less skilled hands. Hardly three of the movie’s four actors speak in any substantial manner. Nevertheless, the film succeeds because Alex Garland, the writer, and director, makes it just as confining as he wants. Ex Machina excels because you never know who to believe in as it tells the tale of a novice programmer who is sent to a lavish estate to test cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Ex Machina, which takes bizarre, unexpected turns, holds the audience’s attention with great work from its main trio of actors and a well-written story.

First Reformed (2018)

First Reformed ranks among Ethan Hawke’s top acting efforts; he has proven himself as a trustworthy actor. Hawke depicts a monk in the movie who must face the fact that his church has collaborated with a powerful corporation that is destroying the environment. First Reformed is a novel that never stops being depressing, but it does make the case that the sole chance we have for tomorrow might be found in one another. The film’s writer and director, Paul Schrader, illustrates that no one else is capable of delivering this kind of parable about our contemporary world without ever having it come off as even a little clichéd.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which was arguably his best work, was created by Charlie Kaufman, one of the most innovative brains in film. Throughout the narrative, Joel and Clementine encounter multiple romantic relationships until concluding they no longer want to recall one another at all. A conscious voyage about memory, passion, and what it takes to cherish a relationship even knowing that it may not last forever is finally sparked by that choice. Love doesn’t need to last forever for it to be meaningful.


Moonlight (2016)

Whilst Moonlight’s astonishing Best Picture win may be what many remember it for nowadays, the film itself could not have been more worthy of the accolade. Three chapters of Moonlight’s story of a youthful, gay, Black youngster in Miami are loaded with vivid descriptions, stunning cinematography, and a very compelling tune.

Moonlight is a film about creating the person you want to be and how individuals around you either support or obstruct your personal development. It’s a subdued, compelling character study that is expertly handled and appears to have been remarkably lived in.

Summing it up

Showtime has been a great resource for movies over the years. Whether you’re looking for something new and innovative, or something classic and timeless, Showtime has something for everyone. With an ever-changing lineup, you’re sure to find something that interests you.

There are some great movies to watch on Showtime in Canada right now, including Green Room, Ex Machina, First Reformed, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Moonlight. These are all excellent films that are well worth watching.

That’s all, folks. I genuinely hope you enjoyed reading the selection and now have a better idea of what to watch this weekend.

Cheers to a joyful watch!


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