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Exam committees are simply “collapsed” by documents of applicants with high grades, victories in the Olympiads, and other achievements. But how to choose among thousands of questionnaires, who are worthy to enter Universities? This article will give some useful tips on writing a great motivational letter. If you are still struggling, you can pay for essay online.

In this article, we will look at the perception of those who make this decision. And you will learn how to write a motivational letter that stands out.

It is not simple

“The motivational letter can rehabilitate itself (in the presence of shortcomings) or destroy all the chances of admission” – Ruth Miller, head of the admission committee of the school of public and international relations. Woodrow Wilson.

The motivational letter is the most important document in the applicant’s application. The rest of the paper will not be able to tell you about your personality as a motivational letter. A couple of hundred words want to fit their interests and achievements, dreams and hopes. It is hard but very important because it shows your uniqueness. Its demonstration does not interfere with even the low level of language or minor achievements.

What does the Admission Commission expect?

The reception office wants to receive an idea of ??personality. What does your personality characterize? Ambition? Sense of humor? Self-criticism? Imagination? Sociability? This is what you have to find out during the preparation of the motivational letter.

In confirmation, we give the words of representatives of leading American universities:

“For me, the most important thing is to know what we do not expect. There is no magic formula for receipt, there are no correct answers.” – Bob Alig, Head of the Reception Commission of the MBA School of Worton, Pennsylvania University.

“It is a big mistake when candidates are trying to write something that, in their opinion, will like the admission committee. In an attempt to predict the risk a touch with the right path.” – Albert Turnbull, member of the Administration Commission of the Legal School of the University of Virginia.

“Honesty, simplicity, straightness are crucial in the letters” – Dr. Andrew Franz, head of the Admission Commission of the University of Columbia Medical School.

“The words should show real life emotions, it should be a story that only you could write.” – Linda Migigan, a member of the Admission Commission of the Business School of Colombia.

An interesting story written in a living language is the main requirement that experts insist on. Through a motivational letter of professors, they want to find out what goals future students, which wish to achieve in life, and how can be useful to their university and society as a whole. You do not need to be sick and confused the reader with cultivated wording, be yourself. At the same time, it is necessary to try to express as much as possible, because only words will tell you – gestures and facial expressions cannot be used here.

More accurate recommendations were described by Vince Gother, a professor of English and literature, from the University of North Iowa. In his opinion, the motivational letter should show the applicant as a person:

Passionately interested in learning. You can do this at the beginning of the letter using the “hook”, we are talking about below;

Competent. This is visible in language proficiency, including stylistics and speech structure;

Well prepared academically. This can be shown using special terms, which reflect the competence of the author, or by directly transferring achievements. And remember – it is better not to use the term than to use it wrong!

Able to cope with the tasks of the university and graduate from the program on time, which can be confirmed by experience overcoming problems and academic performance;

Ready to cooperate with professors and other students, that is, the society. This item is not a priority, but will be an advantage;

A potentially outstanding representative of this university in the professional sphere, which logically flows from the current success of the applicant, as well as the student, responds to the previous educational institution.

This is a rather big amount of information to fit just a few hundred words, therefore it is worth carefully approaching each sentence. No need to describe them in the same order, in which they are in the list of universities. They can be freely combined and moved. The main thing is to create an easy to read, logical, and connected text.

Formats and Structure of the Motivational Letter

Most motivational essays can be distributed into two categories – unstructured letters and essays in the form of an interview, or short essay answers to specific questions. The latter often write candidates for MBA. In an unstructured essay, a free form candidate provides information about himself – achievements, personal qualities, interests, experience, and goals for the future.

Despite the name, in the unstructured essay, it is also desirable to adhere to a certain plan. For example:


Option 1: Yesterday – today – tomorrow

I have the necessary experience for successful learning in the university;

Now, most of all, I want to get knowledge for further development;

Your program is ideal for these purposes because I can achieve with it …


Option 2: I – You – We

Description of their achievements, talents, interests;

The selected program fully corresponds to my ambitions;

My potential in combination with your program will bring the following outcomes:


Option 3: What – why – for what purpose

What exactly do I want to study;

Why I want to learn exactly this specialty than it is so important to me;

The selected program will help me achieve your goals …; I expect to get …


Tips on the organization of the text of the motivational letter

Requirements of a specific university. This is especially important for applicants for a place in the magistracy. Some universities are request two motivational essays on different master’s programs. Others need to send only handwritten options for motivational letters, indicating even the color of ink. Exact instructions can be found on the official website of the selected university.

An introduction is better to start with some original judgment or fact from life to attract the reader’s attention and make it read the whole story to the end;

The most interesting facts are better to submit at the beginning of the letter or at least in the first half because no one knows whether a member of the Admission Commission will want to read your message to the end.

The logicality and sequence of narration: as the letter reading, its main character should develop in all life areas as a literary character.

Ease of presentation. Share text into small paragraphs, and avoid long suitable expressions.

Complex involved and verbal gains increase the risk of errors and confusion with punctuation, so they should also be avoided. Each paragraph should have a drawn structure with a string, culmination, and a junction. Speech should be simple and understandable, although it is permissible and even welcomed the use of highly specialized terms if you understand their meaning well.

In conclusion, you should summarize, briefly summarize the letter and express hope for further cooperation with the university. After reading the letter, a pleasant aftertaste should remain, do not end it with self-criticism and other negatives. You can check the best essay writing services reddit to consult with professional writers.


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