How to Transfer Everything Including WhatsApp Messages and Contacts from Old Phone to New iPhone

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Finally giving in and getting an iPhone? Planning to shift from Android to iOS but worried about how to easily transfer all your files? You’ll need a reliable app to do the work for you. Here’s a guide on how to successfully transfer everything – from messages to contacts – from your old to new phone.

Let’s begin the transfer, shall we? It all starts with ensuring that your device’s Wi-Fi is turned on and plug all your devices into power to ensure a smooth migration process. Make sure that you’ve calculated well that all that you plan to move from your old device will fit your new iPhone or iPad. Here are 7 simple steps to follow –

  1. Open your new device and tap on the Apps & Data Screen, then on the Move Data from Android option.
  2. Open your Android device and look for the Move to iOS app and tap on Continue. Carefully read the terms and conditions, accept, and proceed by clicking on the Next option.
  3. On your iOS device, click on Continue to proceed with the Move from Android then wait for a 10 or 6-digit code to appear.
  4. Input the same code on your Android device and wait for the Transfer Data Screen to appear.
  5. Now it’s time to choose the files you wish to transfer. Click on them and tap on Next.
  6. Tap Done on your Android device once the transfer on your iOS device is completed. Tap on Next and follow the steps to finalize the setup on your iOS device.
  7. Finish up by checking if you’ve successfully transferred all the files that you need.

You should be able to use your new device in no time. You may, however, find these steps quite straightforward and wish to have more customization and control. At this point, it’s best to research alternatives, say the PhoneTrans software.

What is PhoneTrans?

Known for its well-made interface, reliable upload and download speeds, the PhoneTrans software is your go-to transfer tool. With one-click, you are able to easily migrate all that you need and want from your old to new phone. With its cross-platform data transfer feature, its usage is maximized by over 20,000+ devices, different brands of Android phones and tablets, iPhones, and iPads.

Key Features

  • Multiple Migration Modes

You get to choose which migration mode is fit for your need. Is it Android to iPhone, Google Account to iPhone, iTunes library to your phone? Name it and PhoneTrans got you covered. Three different transfer modes are available to satisfy your different transfer needs – Phone Migrate, Phone Clone, and Phone Merge.

  • Flexible Transfer

Enjoy its one-click all transfer or selective transfer feature. This allows you to customize your every migration experience. Is there a need to transfer all your files at once? With one click, it can be done with this software. Do you want to do it part by part? Go for the selective migration.

  • No Risk of Data Loss

We all know how a complete migration can be a bit risky. This is why PhoneTrans made sure to consider two things – overwriting of existing data and resetting your device before migration are not needed. These two alone limit the risks of data loss. It as well supports important private personal data such as WhatsApp messages, contacts, photos. Lastly, app to app transfer is also possible when you migrate from iPhone to iPhone.

  • Use-Friendly Tool

Worried about being able to maximize all these features? Well, this tool is designed to be used by any newbie or those with zero tech knowledge and skills. With simple and quick clicks, there is no need to bother someone techie or pay for someone to do it for you.

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