How to Motivate Yourself When You Don’t Want to Do Anything?  

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You have likely felt it is tough to motivate you to do something sometimes. Besides, you may also have days when your energy and emotions are down. These fluctuations are part of our life, and we face these motivational challenges like anyone else. In this article, I will give several strategies to motivate you when you don’t feel like doing anything.


You’re mistaken if you think that everyone you admire is always motivated. Surely the most talented people in every field in the world have days when they wake up feeling unmotivated and unwilling to do what they do, but they use pre-workout routines that help them get in the right frame of mind, regardless of how they feel.




In our jobs and daily lives, we perform repeated tasks every day. With so many tasks, there will always be days when you do not feel motivated, either because your body is tired or mentally unprepared to do what you should do.


But your work and your chores are things you have to do. For this reason, it is better to find a prompt solution that helps you solve all these emotions of boredom and discouragement. A good solution is to develop a routine or a ritual that takes you or pushes you to do what you must, leaving aside the discouragement. For example:


When exercising:


Suppose you have trouble starting your exercise routine. In that case, you can create a pre-workout routine by leaving your workout clothes in sight at the right time when you wake up, so you will know that you get up, start getting dressed, and when you put on your sneakers, you will have the impulse to go out and complete your exercise routine.


If this happens to you when you get to the gym, you can establish a warm-up routine to help you move on to the strongest part of your daily exercise routine. These sequences usually take between 5 to 10 minutes, and you must do it the same way every day. With this, even if you do not feel like exercising, you will be in the “exercise mode” when you finish your previous routine.


At work:


To start with your work tasks, you can create a routine of your favorite drink, and while you drink it, you can plan and prioritize the tasks you have to develop during the day. This will surely give you the impulse and know what you should do at every moment of the day, in case any task is difficult for you. Try to divide it into the parts you consider until you finish it in intervals with other functions that help you not to lose momentum.


While studying:


When you sit and can’t get your thoughts together, thinking like, “Oh, I need to do my paper and lots of math exercises…”. creating a routine also can help you.


For your study habit to be successful at the beginning, you can create a routine by organizing your study implements and planning the topics you need to reinforce. You can also prepare your favorite drink to accompany your studies.




Suppose you are interested in starting your pre-routine or you are analyzing the one you already have. In that case, I invite you to verify that it complies with the following steps to make it easier for you to start without those feelings of discouragement or demotivation.


Start with something easy.

A good routine before what you want to do should be straightforward: to say something you can’t refuse or don’t need the motivation to start doing.


The most complex part of any task is getting started. If you find it difficult to motivate yourself when you begin, you will discover that motivation comes after you start. For this reason, your pre-workout should be something you can’t refuse, something straightforward to start.


Your pre-workout should get you moving towards your goal.

While your routine should start with something easy, you should also make sure that your physical movement is gradual until you get into your daily rhythm, after which your mind and motivation will continue to depend on your physical activity.


Keep in mind that physical movement doesn’t just mean exercise. For example, if your goal is to start writing, your pre-workout routine should focus on getting you closer to the physical act of writing.


Your routine should follow the same pattern every day.

The goal of your pre-game routine is to create a series of events you always do before you begin your specific task. In other words, with your pre-routine, you are telling your brain that these are the previous events to start your habits.




The pre-routines are so closely linked to your habit that simply following it will push you into a state of mind that prepares you to act on what you should or are interested in. In conclusion, you will not need to be motivated, you need to start your pre-routine, and the rest will flow.


This is very important because when you are unmotivated, you will not have the willpower to figure out what to do next. When you are faced with another decision, you will decide to give up because you will suffer from decision fatigue. But, with a pre-routine, you solve the problem because you know exactly what you will do next. You won’t have to debate or make decisions. You’ll just follow the pattern.


Remember the technique of the previous routine to do what demotivates you. Create a specific one for each task, and it will be easier to motivate you to start your daily habits.



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