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For those of you with an interest in software design and coding, a career in iOS app development could very well be the calling. Those within this industry are in high demand given the heavy dependence on mobile apps from businesses around the world. Demand is also high because of a clear shortage of talent within this specific industry. Not only does this position promise great career opportunities, but that lack of great iOS developers also means that salaries within this job role are high. Naturally, money is not the key motivator here, but it is certainly nice to be compensated for your efforts, especially when you are doing something you love.

Kickstarting Your Career

It is likely that if you have a passion for this already that you have been playing about with some form of coding and app design, perhaps even as a hobby. To put you on the right track to turning this into a career, the first step is to study app development, not specifically for iOS at this stage. Now as yet there is no real industry standard qualification but there are some great courses from the likes of Learning Cloud Australia which offer in-depth courses that go through the needs of clients, how to code using Swift, and also a wider understanding of how to create apps that matter.

Mastering Swift

When it comes to mastering Swift you should be looking at becoming an expert in the following;

  • Basic Concepts
  • Collections
  • Control Flow Statements
  • Object-oriented programming concepts
  • Types and Interfaces

Drilling Down Into iOS

Once you understand how to code using Swift, it is time to look deeper into how to create apps using Apple’s systems. It is important to remember here that your position will not involve the designing of iOS apps that is what an interface designer does, your role will be to create that design. Once you get started with Apple, you will be using Xcode, a free system provided by the company. There is nothing wrong at this stage with dipping your toe into the iOS platform, but it is a tough nut to crack, and so is Swift, so best to focus on the latter in the beginning. If you finally cracked it and successfully put your app in the online store then try to buy reviews for the app to make it more visible to the people.

The key to creating apps using iOS is trial and error, there is a wealth of information online which will guide you through the process, and for those looking to launch a career, having a fully coded and package ready app sample to show to would-be employers is the best way to get your foot in the door.

Career Choices

It is unlikely that you will come into the industry at anything higher than entry-level, but this is actually something that will benefit you. At this level, you have less pressure on your shoulders and you can really use this time to boost your learning. From here, there are many career opportunities which will take you further up the ladder, and of course the pay-scale too.

This is a rewarding career but you must be self-motivated and disciplined if you wish to become a full-time iOS app developer.

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