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How can an organisation improve its culture through OKRs?

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Objectives and Key Results is a popular framework for setting goals and measuring progress. They help to keep teams focused on the most important tasks. OKRs can be a great way to keep everyone on your team aligned with your company’s goals. By setting clear objectives and tracking progress against them, you can ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal. With a little bit of planning, you can set up an OKR system that will help your team stay focused and on track.


Organisational culture has been known to be the heart of every Organisation. It is what makes an Organisation unique and different from others. It is the set of norms, values, beliefs, and behaviours that make an Organisation what it is. So, how can one improve Organisation culture through OKRs?


  • One way to do this is by setting OKRs that are aligned with the Organisation’s culture. This means that the goals and objectives that are set should be in line with the Organisation’s values and beliefs. Doing this will help to reinforce the Organisation’s culture and make it more visible to everyone in the Organisation. It will also help to motivate employees to work towards the Organisation’s goals and objectives.


  • Another way to improve Organisation culture through OKRs is by setting goals and objectives that are challenging yet achievable. This will help to create a sense of ownership and responsibility among employees. 


  • OKRs will also inspire them to come up with creative and innovative solutions to achieve the objectives. 


  • OKRs will foster a culture of continuous improvement wherein employees are always looking for ways to improve Organisation’s culture.


  • By setting and achieving OKRs, employees learn what is important to the organisation and what is possible within the organisation. This helps to create a shared sense of purpose and direction that can be difficult to achieve without a clear goal. 


  • OKRs help in holding individuals as well as teams accountable for their performance. Accountability can help to drive improved results and build a culture of success.


  • OKRs provide a way to measure progress and identify areas for improvement. By regularly reviewing organisational performance against OKRs, organisations can identify areas where cultural change is needed. 


  • OKRs can help to encourage and reward innovation, by recognising and celebrating employees who come up with new and better ways of doing things. As a result, OKRs can have a positive impact on every aspect of an organisation’s culture, from the way employees interact with each other to the way decisions are made. 


Implementing OKRs is not a magic bullet for improving organizational culture, but it is an effective tool that can help organisations to achieve their goals with constant improvement in organisational culture. Every organisation should use the OKR agile approach. So if you’re looking to improve your organisation’s culture, there’s no better place to start than with OKRs. Try Huminos, the best OKR Software which will improve your organization’s culture & will help you achieve success.

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