Benn Godenzi Explains Whether the Porsche GT3 RS is the Best Track Car? 

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Benn Godenzi is a co-founder of Interoperability Alliance and the founder of MB Technology, Outlast Nutrition. In addition to this, he was one of the earliest adopters of cryptocurrency and has been involved with cryptocurrency for over a decade. Mr. Godenzi works hard, but he also plays hard. One of his favorite hobbies is cars, including track cars. One of the questions that people ask him about track cars is whether the Porsche GT3 RS is the best track car. Read on as Mr. Godenzi provides his answer.

Benn Godenzi Says the Porsche GT3 RS is the Best Track Car

When it comes to identifying the best car in any category, you usually have experts who disagree on the best car. There is often an argument to be made that different makes and models of cars are truly the best. However, when it comes to the Porsche GT3 RS, this car ranks as the best track car among experts, magazine writers, bloggers, drivers, and car enthusiasts. This car is universally accepted as being the best track car available at this time.

Benn Godenzi Explains How Fast the Porsche GT3 RS Really Is

One of the key reasons why the Porsche GT3 RS is rated as the best track car is because of the speed that this car has. The Porsche GT3 RS has 520 horsepower and can reach speeds up to 199 miles per hour. In addition to its speed, its ability to speed up quickly makes it a great track car. The car can go from zero miles per hour to 60 miles per hour in three seconds and can travel one-quarter of a mile in eleven seconds. That means that this car takes off from the gate, setting the pace.

Benn Godenzi Describes Some of the Key Reasons Why the Porsche GT3 RS Is the Best Track Car

The speed that the Porsche GT3 RS has is just one of the reasons why this vehicle is consistently rated as the best track car. Another reason that this car ranks so high is because of its price. This car can be purchased for $100,000. And while that may sound like a lot of money to the average person, that price tag for a track-ready car is unheard of. Another reason this car is so highly rated is because of the way it performs. It grips the road and has tight cornering abilities. The car handles well at top speeds, which makes drivers confident in their driving ability. Finally, the car is not only great for the track but is great for an everyday car as well. It looks beautiful and stylish, yet has a decent amount of interior and cargo space.

Benn Godenzi has a love of fast cars. And one of the best cars on the market for going fast is the Porsche GT3. This vehicle is well priced for a track car, performs amazingly, and looks beautiful. These are just some of the reasons many experts and car enthusiasts alike rank the Porsche GT3 RS as being undoubtedly the best track car being made these days.


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