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If you were to name the best vector graphics software with amazing device compatibility, what would it be? After working with different solutions, including those from the Adobe family too, we can finally answer what program is ahead of the pack for us. Considering our team’s need for continuous perfection and ease of project modernization, Amadine has definitely won our hearts.

There will be people who will disagree with the statement, but we would like to prove why this choice will suit both novice and professional designers. Mind the gap!

Creative Efficiency

Unlike Adobe software and similar solutions, Amadine offers a fully responsive interface with an intuitive menu to navigate. When we require access to a certain vector drawing app’s tool, there is no need to make three hundred clicks. All the features are essential. It is a real breeze not to deal with UI/UX like before.

Amadine offers thorough tutorials with different video instructions on how to realize different design elements with the in-app suite of tools. Its gallery of projects created by real users and professionals is second to none. We love how colorful and divergent its masterpieces are. Whether we want to style futuristic, anime-like, or ancient Chinese patterns, it won’t be a challenge.

Mac, iPhone and iPad Compatibility

This feature is one of the leading attractions of Amadine. Thanks to it, our team can work seamlessly and access former or current projects on the go. What else is needed to remain productive, especially when accident schedule shifts happen? Our designers can work remotely and exchange the files, prepared on Amadine, without difficulty. Although there is no Android version at the moment, it is a nice interface to be called an easy-to-use and all-inclusive one.

Professional Vector Drawing App

Hands-on experiences will let you realize why we find Amadine’s services so appealing:

  • Recolor — this feature lets designers update the color palette of their templates and choose the best option.
  • Flowing text — manipulating the text distribution on the template layout has never been simpler. Check this tool’s demonstration on the official site of Amadine.
  • Variable strokes — we like how smoothly its drag-and-drop drawing instruments work. When the layout consists of several separate elements, our designers can weak with each of them and magnify their visual appeal.
  • Typography — apart from decent drawing tools, the system also presents numerous features to make every letter in our headings special and outrageous.
  • Input/export — with Mac, iPhone and iPad compatibility connected with advanced export and input, we can work with the right type of file on the desired device. The list includes EPS, SVG, PDF, and so on.
  • Live effects — with glow, shadow, and blur patterns on our layouts, they seem magical. Just check these features and see the difference!

Wrap It Up

Would you like to try Amadine? One thing is for sure — no matter what your purpose is, its risk of disappointing you is extremely low. Backed up by cutting-edge technologies, including 64-bit architecture, Apple Pencil support, and Touch Bar, our work on flyers, banners, and other advertising materials are flawless.


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