8 New Apple Products Coming in 2022

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History knows three apples that changed its course. The apple of discord in the biblical story. Isaac Newton discovered the gravitation law when an apple fell down from a tree on his head. The ‘Apple’ of our time is the creation of Steve Jobs.

College students need to manage lots of tasks every day. If you do not have Hermione’s time-turner, the only chance to cope with the heavy workload is to be aware of all the latest updates. For instance, get a college paper writing service Essaypro to receive the information in your email. Enjoy discovering the tips and tricks while drinking your fragrant morning coffee.

Another thing you should better keep yourself posted about are the Apple products. iPhones, MacBooks, and AirPods have already made our routine much easier. But the company keeps proving that there is no limit to perfection.

Steve Jobs and Joanne Rowling – Creators of Amazing Universes

When the ‘Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone’ book was published, it became a sensation. Kids and adults all over the world swallowed the book. Everyone was looking forward to buying the next volume of the story. And every next book was even more interesting than the previous one.

People were standing in long lines to be the first to get a freshly published volume. Steve Jobs’ idea has a lot in common with Joanne Rowling’s. Produce something people will fall in love with forever. And keep developing the story. Do not use manipulative marketing strategies to make people buy your products. They will want to get the latest models themselves.

Both Rowling and Jobs created new universes for people. We have gathered the top Apple products expected in 2022 in this article. We have also highlighted their value for busy college students.

1. iPhone 14 series

Apple analysts are happy to fuel everybody’s interest in the new iPhone. They predict significant updates. As a student, you should decide yourself whether the latest iPhone is worth it. But there is not much information available about the new functional features. So do not cross the bridges before you come to them.

Some updates in design have been revealed, though. A punch-hole camera is one of the new features. The Face ID sensors are likely to be embedded underneath the display. Touch ID in the side button is another rumor. But it is not clear yet whether we are going to see it in iPhone 14 or 15.

2. AirPods Pro 2

Start saving money for the new AirPods now and buy them in fall 2022. This will be a good investment for you as a college student. Better sound quality features are an important improvement. You will find listening to educational podcasts even more pleasant than before.

Besides, these earbuds are going to have a more compact design. It will be more comfortable for you to listen to some relaxing music when you cannot fall asleep after a difficult day in college.

Moreover, AirPods Pro 2 are likely to be proactive. Built-in fitness tracking will be a nice bonus for a morning run with energetic music in your ears.

3. New Apple Watch Models

We deliberately put this under number 3 in our list because this is the expected quantity. Number 1 is Apple Watch 8. The second one is the mid-range Apple Watch SE 2. It is followed by the third even more affordable option.

Smartwatches will continue to focus on health. An Apple a day keeps the doctor away, excuse the pun. Here are the new expected features:

  • blood pressure monitoring sensor
  • blood glucose sensor
  • body temperature sensor
  • an improved sleep-tracking technology.

It is a godsend for college students. They often undergo stress, so monitoring their basic vitals is a good preventative strategy.

4. iPad Pro With Glass Back

The form of the iPad is likely to remain the same. But everything else will undergo promising changes. To begin with, the standard LCD will be replaced with the mini-LED. It will make the device light and its colors vibrant.

The currently used aluminum back will transform into a glass one. It is not only a design solution. From the functional point of view, wireless and reverse wireless charging will become possible. This is going to be a new feature for the iPad range.

If you already have an iPad, think twice whether you need an update. If you are looking to buy one, it might be a good tech investment.

5. M1 MacBook Air 2022

M1 MacBook Air is already known for being powerful. So what new features are going to take it to perfection?

  • slimmer and thinner
  • more screen space thanks to thinner bezels
  • MagSafe charging technology
  • USB-4 port for external devices
  • better graphics

Well, it looks like this model is more designed to show off. Although the improvements are undeniable.

6. iMac With MIX Chip

If you are a graphic designer or video editor, this update definitely deserves your attention. A huge 30- or 32-inch display will take graphics to a whole new level. It is most valuable for creative professionals. Apart from that, the screen is likely to get XDR and ProMotion. Speaking of design, new color options are much anticipated.

7. AR/VR Headset

Steve Jobs believed that innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. Apple is a leader with many followers. So it goes without saying that they will be successful in AR/VR. The main features of the headset are:

  • a high-end display
  • a built-in processor
  • a reality operating system
  • input via touch panels, voice, or hand gestures

The headset should be developed by the end of 2022. But there is a possible shift to 2023.

8. Foldable iPhones

Two screens connected with a hinge look like one immaculate screen. Apart from being flawless in design, they passed durability tests in China. Apple says they are planning to launch foldable iPhones in the next two years. Which does not exclude 2022.

Focus and Simplicity

‘To be beautiful for a woman it’s enough to have a black sweater, black skirt and walk arm in arm with the man she loves.’ This quote belongs to Yves Saint Laurent. If Steve Jobs were the author of this quotation, it would sound differently. Something like: ‘To be successful, a student needs to have a black sweater, blue jeans and walk with the latest iPhone in their hand.’

Focus and simplicity were Jobs’ mantras. Everyone who works at Apple sticks to these values. Let us summarize all the improvements that we are going to see in the 2022 new Apple products. Just to make sure that all of them fall under these two categories.

  • lighter/more compact design
  • better sound quality
  • improved graphic standards
  • focus on health
  • advanced charging technologies
  • innovative approach

Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. It is a universal principle for both a successful businessman and a diligent student. So get your thinking clean and choose only the most necessary Apple product that will help you to focus on your studies. One day it will pay off and as a successful businessman, you will be able to buy an Apple car.


Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links in this article may be Amazon affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase through those links, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. This helps support our website and allows us to continue providing informative content about Apple products. Thank you for your support!


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