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7 Reasons Why Macs Are Better Than PCs

Looking back at the history of computers, you can see two great ideologies for building computers: IBM and Macintosh. Conventional personal computers (PCs) are machines that run Windows or Linux operating systems. As you have already understood, IBM was the first to introduce such an architecture. Macintosh computers, more commonly known as Macs, are the opposite of PCs. The Macintosh architecture was developed by Apple and is the only platform in the world that can run both macOS, Windows, and Linux.

PCs and Macs have their own distinctive features. However, when using both, you should use the proxy app Chrome VPN. VPN for Chrome is the choice of those who wish to remain anonymous online. Free VPN allows you to open access to any website on the Internet and protect yourself from various threats. 

Read on to learn about the features of Macs and PCs and find out why Macs are better than PCs.

Stable Operating System

The macOS operating system is considered much more stable than the operating system of competitors. This is the first and most important of the Mac advantages. The key to such stability lies in the closed development cycle of Apple computers. Specialists not only develop the hardware component but also the software part of computers. Thanks to this, the company is always confident that not only the best electronic components are used in the machines, but that all programs will definitely work flawlessly.

The Windows operating system is the most popular on the PC. It can be installed on thousands of different computer models from many manufacturers. Because of this, developers cannot control the configuration of machines and ensure that their software will work equally fast and stably on all PC models.

XNU Kernel

MacOS runs on the XNU kernel. It is a UNIX-like operating system. The main advantage of such systems (including many Linux distributions) is stability. Simply put, unexpected errors, strange program crashes, and sudden shutdowns of the computer occur less frequently. In addition, processes on Windows are much slower. This means that a Mac computer will run faster with similar hardware.

User Interface

The most striking difference between Mac and PC is in the user interfaces. The main features of the macOS interface include Launchpad. This is a special screen where all applications are collected for quick launch. In addition, the system has hot corners, which allow you to quickly access the main settings menus. The application shortcut bar is at the bottom of the screen.

Mac and PC Usage Models

Macs are most often bought by professional developers in the field of photo and video processing, as well as artists. In general, the Mac is ideal for graphics work due to the amazingly accurate color reproduction of the screens. In addition, Mac is often chosen by programmers and computer graphics designers, as well as scientists.

The PC is also used for editing photo and video content, as well as in scientific work. But the main niche of these computers is home and office use. In addition, this platform has become the most popular among gamers. All this is due to the fact that all modern gaming bestsellers are developed under the PC.

Specialized Software 

Specialized programs such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, etc. are available to users of both PC and Mac platforms. But Mac also offers its own iWork office suite. It includes a word processor, a spreadsheet, and a presentation program.


The macOS system is closed. Without the permission of the user, it is almost impossible to make any changes to it. There are practically no viruses for Mac on the Internet. Therefore, owners of Apple computers usually do not install antiviruses.

PCs are less secure. There are a large number of malware and other threats to Windows that you should beware of. However, you can protect yourself with both antivirus programs and VeePN. According to the VeePN review, a VPN for browsers masks the user’s identity, location, and activity on the Internet. The VPN extension connects the device through an encrypted tunnel to a remote server that can be located anywhere. Thus, the PC user becomes completely secure online.

Convenient Application Files

Most programs installed in Windows are folders with a bunch of files and other folders inside. To run the program, you need to look for a file with the .exe extension. On Mac, however, most installed applications have an executable *.app format. And that’s it. No folders or auxiliary files. That is, there is nothing that would confuse and distract the user’s attention.

As you can see, the reasons for Mac popularity are varied. In this regard, many prefer it over the PC. At the same time, the PCs’ benefits cannot be underestimated either. Firstly, it is the flexibility in the choice of configuration. Secondly, a reliable and efficient tool for searching, storing, and processing data. Thirdly, there is a possibility of using a computer as a server, etc.

Choose a PC or Mac based on the type of your activity and then you will certainly make the right decision. And don’t forget to install a VPN for browsers. VPN extension is a reliable protection for any modern device.


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