4 Tips for Securing Your iPhone Today

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In 2022 everyone has to consider the security of their phones. Cybercrime is everywhere and our smartphones can be an absolute gold mine. This is why you need to protect yourself online by securing your iPhone today. 

Today we use our phones for everything. As we spend more time on our phones and use it to access more, it’s getting increasingly attractive for cybercriminals. Your phone holds a lot of data that can be valuable. To increase the security of your phone and minimize the risk of becoming a victim of cybercrimes, you should check out these five tips of simple safety measures that you can take today.

1. Go to your privacy and security settings

The first tip is to go to your privacy and security settings and update them. They might be much looser than you think. A lot of people never revisit these settings after they’ve set up their phone. Try to limit them as much as possible to make sure that your phone only has access to the most important things. You should do this with all of your applications as well as each of them has individual settings which you have agreed to when installing the software.

2. Update all of your passwords

On your phone, you probably access many different accounts. To increase your security today, update all of your passwords. This is something that you should do on a regular basis. All of these passwords should be both strong and unique. To make a strong password, you have to use at least eight to twelve characters. These characters should always be a completely random combination of letters, symbols, and numbers. Avoid using words or phrases.

3. Go through your apps

Many of your apps are collecting information on you without you even knowing. If you have an account or an old app that is breached, this could be a way for hackers to access your phone. That’s why you should go through your apps on a regular basis and delete all the apps that you no longer use. At the same time, you should update all of the apps that you do use, so their newest security settings are installed. You should start by closing all your apps and then go through them individually.

4. Get yourself a VPN

A great security measure that is very popular is a VPN. VPN is a great tool because it encrypts your data so that you can move more freely online. A VPN makes it more or less impossible for hackers to breach and get a hold of your data. There are a lot of different VPNs on the market, so make sure that you find one that fits your phone. Check out VPNpro.net and learn more about using a VPN on an iPhone. By using a VPN you will be protected when using public networks, as it will create a private network for you.

One of the best tips that anyone can get for fighting cybercrime is to research it. Most cybercrime involves the victim of the crime in one way or another. So, the more you know about what to do and especially what not to do online, the more secure you’ll be.


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