10 Interesting Software Development Trends In 2022

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Today it is impossible to imagine a business operating exclusively offline. IT is tightly integrated into every industry while changing the game’s working environment and rules. So, the cybersecurity of industrial facilities and bank accounts may be even more important than their physical protection, and computing power sometimes develops faster than production.

Software developers have become participants in a constant race – with modern cyber threats, the increasing speed of processing data and the growth of their volumes, as well as the development of digital devices. Therefore, 2022 has seen significant changes in the software development landscape. We have identified only ten software trends that will not lose their relevance soon.

Stricter Software Quality Standards

According to experts https://jatapp.com/real-estate-software-development-services/, leaders in software development, the demand for software is growing every year more and more: real estate, education, medicine, and many other areas join technologies. Therefore, it is now essential to follow the software quality standards proposed by ISO. In 2022, we will see ISO certification on most devices we use as software solutions. Thanks to this novelty, companies will be able to improve the quality of their devices, and users will feel that investing in technology is worth the money.

Improved Code Standards and Guidelines

This year, IT companies are expected to use style consistency and language conventions in their software development process to raise coding standards in line with clear guidelines. Such new technology in software development will attract new experts to programming who can write standard code with clear guidelines, thereby filling a hole in the lack of labor.

Increased Attention to Cybersecurity

As smart devices are constantly being improved, cyber scammers are looking for ways to break into these machines. 2022 will be a year of breakthroughs in cybersecurity. According to DOIT Staffing & Recruitment, many businesses opt in for development on Linux and hire LAMP developers, as this OS is more secure and requires fewer additional measures applied for cybersecurity. IT experts strive to make people’s lives safer and prove that using smartphones will do more good than harm. This year, companies will focus more on modernizing their systems, applications, and technology stack with regular assessments for cybersecurity.

Internet of Things Transformation

Analysts regularly evaluate the IoT market and expect IoT to generate more than $6 trillion in economic value in 2022. Such success is because specialists are working to combine IoT with cloud computing and connected data. As a result of discoveries, software development will be transformed. Smartphones will become indispensable assistants for vertical markets such as healthcare or aerospace, as devices will be equipped with sensors and analytics tools that you can control in real-time.

Cloud Computing Flexibility

Cloud services is the fastest-growing software engineering trend used by startups, businesses, institutions, and government organizations. Moreover, the technology is much appreciated in security offices, hospitals, and legal offices. The experience of these organizations proves that different industries and enterprises from all over the world will switch to cloud computing. Technology leaders such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon are already providing cloud computing to individuals, organizations, and businesses. Modern cloud computing is flexible for business and can scale as the company grows.

Greater Python Implementation

Python is the most popular and fastest-growing programming language. Python is often used to build complex and enterprise web applications because it can meet the modern needs of customers and businesses. In addition, this programming language provides a one-stop solution for web development, mobile development, or enterprise projects. Therefore, in 2022 we will see even more demand for Python, as the system can perform complex mathematical processes, massive data analysis, and machine learning in seconds. These capabilities are far ahead of the competition.

Greater Adoption of Artificial Intelligence

AI has long proven that it can evolve and provide great business opportunities. Artificial intelligence helps companies make better decisions and provides a solid foundation for digital transformation. In 2022, introducing artificial intelligence and machine learning to existing technologies is expected to improve the user experience significantly. A prime example is Amazon, equipping its cashless physical stores in Seattle, Chicago, and San Francisco with artificial intelligence-based sensors and cameras. When a consumer uses the Amazon Go app to leave a store, the technology can detect what they bought and charge them immediately. Other companies have already picked up this trend, thereby saving on hiring labor.

Blockchain Development Beyond Cryptocurrency

The terms “blockchain” and “cryptocurrency” are commonly used interchangeably. Blockchain technology has become one of the most significant breakthroughs of the twenty-first century. The most famous blockchain application is cryptocurrencies, but there is much more: in 2022, we will see a new and widespread use of the blockchain: NFT. NFTs are most commonly used in digital art, but other services are expected to be available in 2022, such as space items, virtual souvenirs, and digital passes.

Focus on UX

In today’s era of multi-channel digital experiences, software developers and UX design teams will collaborate more closely than ever to ensure a seamless user experience online and on mobile. Paying close attention to UX will keep the design consistent. In addition, collaborative work will help experts develop solutions against unforeseen technical limitations.

DevOps Will Require Analytical Observation

A few years ago, only large corporations needed to be observant. Today, observation is becoming increasingly important in modern software development with the rapid development of cloud-centric technologies and microservices architecture. Telemetry data and Kubernetes cluster topology data will be required in addition to the standard types of observation: logging, monitoring, and tracing.


The emerging software development trends show that software creation is undergoing significant changes in the future. Software development is influenced by a wide range of new technologies and breakthroughs. Companies that invest time, money, and other resources to adapt to changing market expectations will gain and maintain a competitive advantage in the long term. If you want to learn more about the topic, we recommend visiting InfoWorld and InfoQ, which regularly post software news, developer trends, and best practices.

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