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10 Burn Injury Scenarios that Call for a Personal Injury Lawyer

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Burn injuries are not only incredibly painful but incredibly expensive to treat. When someone becomes the victim of a burn injury, through no fault of their own, they can reach out to a burn injury lawyer that can help them gain restitution. However, it’s important to know the specifics of the type of burn injury you’re dealing with before reaching out. Ten burn injury scenarios are commonly handled by personal injury and burn injury attorneys:

1. House Fires

House fires are one of the most tragic incidents that someone can suffer. If they’re burned in a house fire that occurred due to no fault of their own, they may be eligible for a high-paying personal injury lawsuit. With the right personal injury burn attorney, you can reclaim your life after the tragedy of living through a house fire.

2. Workplace Accidents

Many serious burn accidents occur at the office or other workplace locations. Whether an improperly maintained cooking appliance burned you, or you were the victim of an electrical malfunction, being burned in the workplace qualifies you for a burn injury lawsuit. While these instances are not uncommon, they are one of the rarer instigators of burn lawsuits on this list.

3. Chemical Plant Explosions

Few accidents on this list are as utterly devastating and dangerous as chemical plant explosions. While these accidents are rare due to the sheer intensity of laws regulating chemical-heavy workplaces, they cause mass devastation when they do occur. Burns sustained in chemical plant explosions tend to be incredibly painful, and often lead to lifelong nerve damage (as well as other lifelong conditions).

4. Tanker Truck Accidents

When you drive past tanker trucks, you’re likely to wonder what they’re storing in their giant cylindrical storage tanks. In most cases, they are storing chemicals (including ones that can burn you if you come into contact with them). While car accidents involving tanker trucks are extremely dangerous, simply working on one, and helping to load them, can lead to serious burn injuries as well.

5. Refinery Fires

Oil refineries are known for being hazardous and volatile. While hard work and regulations help to minimize the number of accidents that occur at oil refineries, there are still thousands of serious injuries happening on these worksites every single year. Serious burn injuries account for many of these injuries and can lead to high-payout burn injury lawsuits for those who are victimized.

6. Electrical Burns

There are a ton of different ways someone can be exposed to dangerous levels of electricity. When exposed, burns are often one of the most dangerous and prevalent injuries people experience (alongside cardiac arrest and other cardiac-related issues). Fallen power lines, improperly maintained electrical equipment, and malfunctioning electrical products are some of the most common causes of serious electrical burns.

7. Thermal Burns

Have you heard of the infamous McDonald’s coffee burn lawsuit? If so, you’ve already heard of the most infamous thermal burn-related burn injury lawsuit. While many people see this suit as ridiculous, McDonald’s was purposefully heating their coffee at extremely dangerous levels to save money – which became the origin of the high-profile lawsuit. Other thermal injuries can lead to high-payout burn injury lawsuits as well.

8. Radiation Burns

Few burn-related injuries are as rare as radiation burns. Additionally, few burn-related injuries are as serious or painfulas radiation burns. Because radiation is involved, serious side effects can occur – including cancer, deformed body parts, and more. Thankfully, many safety precautions are put in place to ensure that radiation burns stay extremely rare.

9. Smoke Inhalation

Not all burns happen on the outside of your body. When you’re caught in a fire or a smoky environment, that smoke can actually burn the inside of your throat, and your lungs. These burns are painful, lead to long-term issues, and can be difficult to treat. Due to this, they provide clear grounds for the affected individual to file a burn injury lawsuit claim.

10. Malfunctioning Product Accidents

When a product you’ve bought malfunctions, it’s possible that you’ll be electrocuted, burned, cut, or injured in some other manner. No matter what your injury might be, there are personal injury lawyers out there that are willing to help. In some cases, you may even qualify for a high-profile class action lawsuit.

Protect Yourself From Burns

By being careful around any potential burn sources, you can protect yourself and others from serious burn injuries. Even if you’re vigilant, however, tragic accidents can occur. When this happens, be sure to reach out to a qualified, professional burn injury lawyer to claim the restitution that you deserve.

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