YouTube Find: FEIST – a 2D side scrolling Mac exclusive game!

I am really loving the return to 2D gaming that we’ve been seeing recently. Games like Braid on the Xbox Live Arcade, and Mega Man 9 on Wii, are really bringing the 2D genre back into the spotlight and creating some wonderful content that is exactly my kind of gaming.

It looks like two students at Zurich University of the Arts are bringing another unique 2D side scrolling game into the mix – but this time is an exclusive for Mac.

It’s called Feist, and it is currently in a private beta. You can see from the trailer above that the game has a really beautiful artistic style to it. It looks like an amazingly fun game, and I can’t wait to play it.

You see a higher quality trailer at the game makers official site.

via Ars Technica



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