XG Virtual Reality Headset Takes VR to Your Living Room

XG Virtual Reality Headset

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Virtual reality has always been an interesting proposition, with endless possibilities awaiting the human race. Remember Caprica, the “prequel” to Battlestar Galactica? Virtual reality was certainly taken to a new level in that TV show, although that remains science fiction today.

That being said, virtual reality is within our reach. And with projects like the XG Virtual Reality Headset, VR will be even more accessible.

The Kickstarter project promises you that you can be virtually anyone you want to be. With the help of your iPhone, the XG Virtual Reality Headset will give you practically any experience you want – in an immersive environment, of course.

XG Virtual Reality Headset

I am not sure about the aesthetics of this head-mounted device, but that’s probably because I am comparing it to the glasses they use in Caprica. At this point in time, however, this may very well be the most advanced consumer VR headset.

Learn more about the headset by watching the promo video below.

You can also see specific features of the headset plus the method of manufacturing it on their Kickstarter page.

The project has already exceeded its funding by more than double, and it still has 43 days to go! There are still some slots left for backers, but if you want to get your hands on the headset, you better hurry because the awesome packages are all gone and the slots for the next best ones are quickly disappearing as well.

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