Woz now appearing in Scottevest “woz-i-sodes”

Wow – if you thought Bill Gates’ recent foray into acting in those commercials with Seinfeld was bad…you ain’t seen nothin’ yet my friend. Steve Wozniak (who some of you may remember from his role in…you know…co-founding Apple) is doing a series of web-i-sode commercial-type things for Scottevest.

Who is Scottevest? Well, they make geek-centric apparel that has lots of pockets and things for the variety of gadgets that you are sure to be carrying around at any given time.

The fishing one above is the first one – but there is another on their official site that is a kind of Star Wars parody. Future web-i-sodes appear to have “The Woz” parodying “The Wizard of Oz”, “The Terminator”, and “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

You can find out more at Scottevest.com


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  1. The acting may not be as good, but at least the Humour is understandable. These Adverts ROCK compared to the Gates/Seinfeld adverts(Small Unfunny Film), again it shows that wether ex-apple or current Apple, that Apple Execs are way cooler. There is also a Star Wars Episode, which is very cool, though I did expect Woz’s Deathstar to be an Apple 1.