World’s Largest Apple Store Rumored to Be Built in Dubai

largest apple store

There are consumer electronic stores. And then there are Apple Stores.

Even non-Apple enthusiasts are drawn to these Apple Stores, not only because of the name, but due to design, among other things. And, we have to admit, Apple Stores have their own unique touch.

largest apple store

Now rumors are going around that the world’s largest Apple Store is going to be built in the near future, and that it’s going to be in one of the most booming places in the world: Dubai, United Arab Emirates. reports an “exclusive” about this rumor, starting with the declaration that Apple has advertised 13 job positions across the UAE. The report also states unequivocally that an Apple Store will be built:

US-based tech giant Apple will open its biggest store in the world at Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates, EDGAR can exclusively reveal.

After regional media picked up on UAE-based job advertisements by the Californian company, we have insider knowledge that the Majid Al Futtaim owned mall will become home to Apple’s first flagship in the Middle East.

Furthermore, the report refers to an undisclosed source, who is supposed to have said that the store will be the largest Apple Store and is planned to replace what is now the cinema complex. As for the opening, first quarter of 2015 is what they are looking at. Another reason to do a pit stop in Dubai?


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