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What is the DevOps Engineer Salary in 2022?

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It’s extremely important to have a clear impression of the salary you can get choosing a future career. If you are interested in today’s popular IT field, you may consider becoming a DevOps engineer. If you don’t want to be such a specialist yourself and just need the corresponding services.

Obviously, just like in any other field, DevOps engineer salary can vary in a wide range. For example, a junior DevOps engineer salary is much lower than the DevOps salary for senior specialists. But not only the level and experience affect the amount of money received by these employees.

Average DevOps salary varies from country to country and from state to state. You may be surprised, but specialists of the same level can earn different money in different parts of the country.

How much does a DevOps make in the US?

Since AWS DevOps salary differs in various parts of the country, let’s compare the average figures in different states so that you’ll be able to draw the overall picture.

DevOps Engineer Salary in California

In the state of California, usual year earnings for this profession fall into the range between $122,000 and 151,000. The average figure is $137,000. As you can see, the gap is huge, and the exact sum you can earn depends on the factors we mentioned before.

DevOps Engineer Salary in Texas

In Texas, the salary is a little lower. AWS Certified DevOps engineer salary can reach $133,000, and an inexperienced junior can earn up to 108,000. The average earning for these specialists is $120,000.

DevOps Engineer Salary in Chicago

This city is not a bad place to work in this profession. The mean value is 129,000, with a minimum of $116,000 and a maximum of 143,000.

DevOps Engineer Salary in Virginia

In Virginia, you can earn up to 134,000 working in this field. Averagely, you can earn $121,000, and the minimum wage in 2022 is $109,000.

DevOps Engineer Salary in Atlanta

This city offers the best salaries in this profession. The earnings vary from $130,000 and $165,000. The medium value is $146,000.

DevOps Engineer Salary in Boston

Boston provides good opportunities for specialists in this profession. You can earn up to $152,000 a year. The salary starts from $123,000, and the medium value is $137,000.

DevOps Engineer Salary in Florida

This state is not the most advantageous place for this profession. The average salary you can count on is $115,000. The earnings start from $104,000, and the maximum salary in 2022 is $128,000.

Obviously, geographical factors are important but don’t forget about other things affecting the salary. Experience, certifications, and education also affect the ultimate outcome. If you want to get the maximum salary in your region, work on your qualification and never stop learning.

It’s easy when you love your profession and always search for new information. Now, when you know the average earnings of DevOps engineers, you can decide if this profession is for you. Remember that this area develops with rocket speed, and you’ll have to stay up-to-date with it. But at the same time, this field is very promising in terms of future earnings.


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