VIDEO: Top 5 “Get a Mac” Ads

The “Get a Mac” ad campaign has been one of the longest running in Apple’s history. Since its beginning Apple sales have never been higher, and while I don’t think these ads are solely to credit for this success, they have generally well received, and a usually pretty funny. After seeing the latest 3 ads recently, I decided to go back and look at the entire campaign and pick my favorite Top 5…

5. Choose a Vista

I really am amazed at how many versions of Vista are out there. It’s a enough to drive you crazy. I think this ad does a good job showing that off…

4. Accident

I like how this one shows off the power cord feature. That’s always one that people go “wow” when they see it on my Macbook Pro. It’s the little things that make Macs awesome…

3. Sales Pitch

These ads would be nothing without the comedic genius of John Hodgeman.

2. Security

I used to think this ad was going overboard with Vista’s security – until I actually used Vista, of course. Geez.

1. Self Pity

One of the greatest Apple ads of all time…


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