Video: New ‘Get a Mac’ ad appears online; slams Vista

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A new ‘Get a Mac’ ad has shown up online – appearing on popular sites like The Wallstreet Journal and PC Magazine. The ad features the famous PC and Mac duo as PC attempts to reset the top banner ad on the page to display a positive Vista ad – but he is unable to do so, ultimately finding an ad that has something nice to say…but its about Leopard.

While these ads are good for a chuckle, and its no secret that Vista is a huge flop, I do prefer the ads that showcase some of the great things that the Mac can do that Windows machines can’t, instead of ads that just seem to poke at the competition. Having said that, when you have the kind of negative reviews that Vista has received, its very hard not to mention them, I would think.

Not my favorite of this series of ads, for sure, but not the worst either.

What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “Video: New ‘Get a Mac’ ad appears online; slams Vista

  1. “…I do prefer the ads that showcase some of the great things that the Mac can do that Windows machines can’t, instead of ads that just seem to poke at the competition.”

    That is exactly right. The large majority of non mac users dont know what the system can do and what makes it different from a windows machine. These commercials further the notion that mac users are arrogant.

  2. I must say, when I saw that ad on the New York Times site, I was a bit stunned. I thought that Apple had finally developed some advertising cojones!

    At least this banner had links to Vista reviews and the inevitably positive comparisons to Mac OS X. How many actually followed them?

    While I’d guess that all Mac users would prefer seeing ads highlight the Macintosh Advantage, how on earth do you do it with a banner ad, or even a 30 second commercial?

    We’re talking about interface subtleties that would be difficult to communicate without looking hopelessly arcane and/or painfully geeky.

    iPod ads use bright colors, music and spastic silhouettes to make their point. There are no ‘how to scroll through your playlists’ ads. Thankfully.

    I think the iPhone ads are really the most successful on that level:
    I can do this… like that. Now if only Apple could manage to cook up some Mac ads of the same level and sophistication.

  3. @Mr. Reeee

    I agree the iPhone ads are the most successful on that level, and they are my favorite of all the Apple ads because of the way they get that message across.

    I wish they would follow suit with some Mac ads that were done in the same style.

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