Video: Macworld 2008 “Best of Show” Awards

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The Editor’s at Macworld have picked their “Best of Show” for 2008 and presented to us in a lovely video format – the first 2:30 of the video are filled with their own little awards show opening comedy bit…so keep that in mind if you want to skip it, but the video itself is well done, and a nice presentation for the “Best of” products.

If you’d rather skip the video, the winners are listed after the jump.

Best in Show Winners:

Photoshop Elements 6.0 from Adobe
Macbook Air from Apple
Guitar Hero III from Aspyr
BusySync from BusyMac
Eye-Fi card from Eye-Fi
Flow from GridIron Software
Dictate from MacSpeech
NEC MultiSync LCD3090WQXi from NEC
OmniFocus from Omni Group
Parallels Server from SWSoft
VectorDesigner from TweakSoft

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2 thoughts on “Video: Macworld 2008 “Best of Show” Awards

  1. Now I know why I discontinued my Zinio Macworld subscription. These guys think they are funny. These guys think they are cool. Well, here is the thing. They Are NOT.

    Imagine after all the hype about the event and after the event “that is unfortunately named after them” itself. All we get for “THE BEST OF THE SHOW” are a bunch of losers sitting “in offices” BORING you to death for 10 LONG Minutes with their silly monologues and their Software products opinions.

    If that was CES, there would have been cameras wandering all over the show floor reviewing and shooting all the cool products with their “Real producers and vendors”.

    After watching that Michael, I am thinking of turning back to PCs “Just kidding”

    Man that was boring and terrible. They Killed the show for me. Woooof.

  2. Meh. Maybe it’s me, but I’d have to call it a really lukewarm crop. Maybe I’ve just reached the point where I have all the mac-ish products I want, but I have a hard time feigning much enthusiasm.

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