Video: Macworld 1990

If you’ve ever wanted a visual example of the difference between Apple with Steve Jobs, and Apple after Steve Jobs in the 1990s, I think this video really expresses things well. This is video of a Keynote address from 1990.

This video is only 5:55 long – but it seems like it goes on FOREVER. This is excruciatingly boring. It lacks passion, entertainment value, and well…Steve Jobs.

Compare that to this post from earlier in the week. At the 1998 Keynote Jobs is so engaging that you could basically watch him read the phone book and it’d be entertaining for half an hour.



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  1. Yes, it’s very boring, I watched just half of the video and I didn’t resisted, I stopped and commented.
    Steve Jobs has an awesome speaking skill.
    In this video I heard “tradition”, Steve Jobs speaks about innovation.


  2. That was the most boring piece of crap I’ve ever seen. Kinda seems similar to another company…… can’t seem to think of it….. I know it’s big….. kinda retarded…….. ok understatement, very retarded………. O wait……. I think I remember……!!!! CES Keynote with Bill Gates!!! what a snooze fest.