VIDEO: “Get a Mac” – Bake Sale…one too many

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Ok Apple – that’s enough. Two ads sticking it to Microsoft about spending money to advertise Windows instead of fixing it was kind of fun. I think it was probably one more than was necessary, but three is pushing it.

I think one ad is a nice response to Microsoft’s ad campaign. Two ads is fine, but not totally necessary. Three is enough. I hope that the next round of “Get a Mac” ads go in a different direction.

We’ll see.

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6 thoughts on “VIDEO: “Get a Mac” – Bake Sale…one too many

  1. they’re all funny and i still like the actors, but i can’t recall the last of those ads that actually advertised something good about the mac rather than just saying “vista sucks”. can we get some positive marketing here, apple?

  2. still ignoring linux 😉 But I understand, the major competitior is windows. And still love mac ads (and macs also)

  3. I agree with Phil. I’m getting tired of Apple trying to sell macs by bashing Microsoft. It’s one thing to use the ads as a means to compare and contrast, it’s another to constantly point out Microsoft’s mistakes. Time to grow up a bit guys.

  4. well it’d already be a step forward if apple actually DID point out some of vista’s faults. 😉 all they’re saying is it sucks. i can only remember that one spot where they mocked the (admittedly) annoying security messages vista keeps giving you.

  5. I think the ADs are super hilarious!! However, I fail to see what the 3rd AD bashing their marketing campaign is? They have the V word which isn’t referring to their marketing campaign, then the two that are referring to their advertising is the Bean Counter and this one, the Bake Sale. I think Apple is perfectly fine where they are right now as far as ADs go. I just thought I should clarify that they are only at 2, not 3.

  6. @Kurt S.

    The “V” is most certainly an attack against Microsoft’s marketing. That’s specifically what they’re talking about….a change in Microsoft’s marketing plan to sell Vista instead of actually fixing Vista.

    I hope that clears things up.

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