Users report problems with Apple TV 2.2 update

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Last week Apple released an update for the AppleTV that allowed HD downloads of TV shows, adding Genius playlist support, and a few other things.

Many users have reported issues with the AppleTV being rendered non functional after the update according to Mac Fix It. The main problem was that the unit would go into an endless restart loop – and the only way to fix it seems to be a factory reset…which will cause you to have to resync all your content.

An Apple representative stated in a forum post that “Apple briefly experienced server difficulties resulting in some Apple TV units rebooting continuously. This issue has been resolved and is unrelated to the Apple TV 2.2 software release.”

There is also a huge annoyance with putting the device to sleep since the update. Previously, you could put it to sleep at any time by pressing the Play/Pause button on the remote for about 5-7 seconds. Users are now claiming that with the 2.2 update you can only do this on the main menu of the AppleTV.

I haven’t updated yet – and I have to say…after reading this I’m not sure I’m going to.

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One thought on “Users report problems with Apple TV 2.2 update

  1. The remote still shuts the Apple TV off as before, but the restart problem is for real. By my Apple TV it stems from the search function, try to search for anything and the Apple TV does a restart, and not only by You Tube, but every search.
    This is annoying, because they had just fixed the problem with not being able to use the space key in the search matrix. Before if you wanted to use the space, backspace or delete function you had to go into the results and then push the menu button to access the functions. which was annoying when you had to type more than one word. It begs the question, since when have Apple started using Microsoft practices, in as much as pushing out Half finished updates or software.

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