Have a Sweet Start to 2015 With These Paid Apps Gone Free

paid apps gone free

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Hopefully, you ended 2014 and welcomed 2015 with a nice, loud bang. Even if you did not, and you just spent a quiet evening, you can sweeten the deal by downloading these paid apps gone free. As is usually the case, these apps are usually free for a limited time only, so you best get going and save yourself some bucks.


paid apps gone free

A mathematical puzzle game, GREG will stimulate your brains. If you like 2048, Sudoku, and similar games, then you will want to give GREG a go. You’ll probably be familiar with the gameplay as well – combine numbers in the grid to match the specified number. Be fast. Be tricky. Get more points.

GREG is part of the Apple Best New Games selection, so it’s definitely worth a try.

From $0.99 to free, GREG is available for download here.


paid apps gone free

Necrorun is a runner game, the likes of which have become popular in recent years. This particular game appeals to people who like dark themes, where you play as Death himself. Not only do you get to run, but you can wreak havoc along your path.

From $1.99 to free, Necrorun is available for download here.

Air Tycoon 2

paid apps gone free

Tycoon games enthusiasts, this one’s for you! If you haven’t bought Air Tycoon 2 yet, then here’s your chance to score it for free. Following the basic tycoon game model, Air Tycoon 2 gives you the chance to pretend that you’re an airline bigwig. Build your company from the ground up, with 155 airports to conquer worldwide. 51 actual airplane models adds to the realistic fun.

From $1.99 to free, Air Tycoon 2 is available for download here.

Sago Mini Monsters

paid apps gone free

Sago Sago has established its name in the app market for kids, and with Sago Mini Monsters, it continues to do so. The app is perfect for your tiny toddlers. It’s educational and fun, and it also teaches your kids not to be afraid of monsters – in a less terrifying way than Monsters Inc., which has made one toddler too many squeal (at least those I know).

From $2.99 to free, Sago Mini Monsters is available for download here.

GraphMe HD: Graphing Calculator

paid apps gone free

For a more serious app, here’s GraphMe HD, a graphing calculator that will satisfy the visual mathematical nerd in you.

From $1.99 to free, GraphMe HD is available for download here.

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