Steve Jobs #132 on Forbes “World’s Top Billionaires” list

steve_plus_iphone.jpgForbes has published it’s list of “The World’s Top Billionaires” and College Drop-out/Apple Cult Leader Steve Jobs clocks in at #132 with a net worth of 5.7 billion self-made dollars.

It must be nice.

From the article:

King of the iPods sold his Pixar Animation hit factory to Disney last May. Today Jobs is Disney’s largest shareholder; stake worth $4.7 billion. Convinced Google chief Eric Schmidt (see) to join Apple board in August. Adopted by working-class couple; dropped out of Reed College when he couldn’t pay tuition. Founded Apple in parents’ garage. Fired after power struggle with chief John Sculley 1985. Started Pixar; credited with computer-animated blockbusters Toy Story, Finding Nemo. Returned to Apple in 1996, created iPod. In September added movies to the iTunes store and previewed iTV, which streams movies from computer to TV. Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 2004 and is said to be in full recovery.

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