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Spore Creature Creator for Mac Available Now!

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At Macworld this year I had a chance to play with the “Spore Creature Creator” from EA. Today, the creature creator has been released for PC and Mac, both as a free trial, and as a $9.95 retail version.

The Creature Creator allows you to build your own creatures from over 228 parts, paint them with unique patterns, play with them in simple functions like dancing, posing, and showing emotions, and you can share them with snap shot and video tools.

This video gives you a better idea of what you can do with the creator, and I have to say – its incredibly addicting, and a lot of fun.

You can download the Spore Creature Creator right here.

Kossi Adzo

Kossi Adzo

Kossi Adzo is a technology enthusiast and digital strategist with a fervent passion for Apple products and the innovative technologies that orbit them. With a background in computer science and a decade of experience in app development and digital marketing, Kossi brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the Apple Gazette team.

4 thoughts on “Spore Creature Creator for Mac Available Now!

  1. I spent some time with it and built 2 creatures, there really isn’t much to do with the creature creator but it does show how fun the full game will/could be.

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