September 9 It Is for the iPhone 6 Launch

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At least that’s what everyone says, based on the scheduled media event that Apple has announced. Naturally, expectations and the anticipation levels are reaching new heights with this announcement, together with analysts making their predictions about the event and the iPhone 6.
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ZDNet expresses its surprise at the timing, saying, “This took us a little by surprise, considering a number of reports have pointed to the iPhone and iPad maker gearing up for an earlier (or even later) launch — much at the mercy of the carrier upgrade cycle and industry pressures from Asian manufacturers.”

Well, surprise or not, there is something big going down on September 9, and you betcha we’re all going to be holding our breaths for it.

What are we to expect?

If analysts are proven correct, then it’s really all about the iPhone 6 launch. Those who have been holding out for the iWatch should just forget it. Beyond the iPhone 6 launch, however, analysts are eager to see how the new smartphone will fare, as they say its performance could be what determines whether Apple sinks or swims. Reminder: Christmas season.

So if September 9 is the iPhone 6 launch, when can we actually get our hands on one? Taking previous releases into consideration, the phone could go on sale by September the 19th.

As usual, all this is speculation, so we’ll have to wait a month or so. In the meantime, pre-order a 24-karat gold iPhone 6 if you like bling and have the cash for it.

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