Sculpture of Steve Jobs for Fortune Magazine


While reading through one of my favorite art blogs, yesterday, I came across a post from last month showcasing the artwork of Karen Caldicott. Specifically the sculpture that she had created (pictured above) of Steve Jobs for Fortune magazine. I thought it was an interesting, if not slightly creepy, rendition of Apple’s CEO, and I thought you guys might want to see it.

So…there it is.

If you’d like, you can check out more of Karen’s work right here.



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  1. Saw this Saint Jobs sculpture done by some Chinese figurine factory a while ago. This actually looks better.

  2. @kyre

    I disagree – if it looked nothing like him I don’t think it would have caught my eye – the title of the article in no way mentions him.

    I do agree that the head is bigger, proportionately, than a normal person, but that’s because its a caricature.

    So… 😛