Rumors of a cheaper version of iPhone heating up


You usually take rumors with a grain of salt, especially ones that involve Apple. But lately most of the rumors surrounding Apple’s products have been fairly accurate so it’s no surprise that the latest rumors about a new Apple product offering is heating up online.

According to the new rumors, Apple is planning to make a more affordable version of its much sought after iPhone. No, the rumor did not come from CES 2013, an even in which Apple did not participate. Instead, the most compelling source of the rumor came from a recent tweet from the Wall Street Journal.

Historically, Apple has released “budget” versions of its popular products but it’s really more of just marketing than anything. In previous cases, when a new iPhone or iPad model is released, the previous model’s prices are slashed and this is then marketed as the budget version. But this tactic can only work for so long. Based on the rumors, Apple is going to try a truly new tactic – which is to actually rethink how its products are made and then make a truly budget version by using less expensive materials, for example, by using plastic as a material for the iPhone casing instead of the current material, aluminum.

No other details have been revealed about this new budget iPhone, but if the rumors prove to be correct, you can expect it to be released sometime this year.




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