Rumor: New iPad Mini, iPod and iPhone Coming Soon

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Normally when I hear a rumor, I knock pretty hard on the poster, because nine times out of ten it just isn’t true. In this case though, it comes from, and they themselves admit that this prediction thing can be a bit shaky. As a result, here are some selected tidbits from their predictions on what’s to come in the next few months from Apple.

New iPods:

One is the new iPod nano, one is the new iPod touch, and the third one is a question mark, but may be a small (1.7”) touchscreen replacement for the iPod shuffle.

New iPads:

A seven-inch-screened version of the iPad is substantially finished and will be ready for announcement either later this year or early in 2011.

New iPhone:

According to our source—and we have to say that we find this part hard to believe—Apple is pushing up the release date of the fifth-generation iPhone to early 2011 (as soon as January) because of the antenna issues with the iPhone 4.

New Bumpers:

To reduce the cost of the current iPhone 4 Case Program, the company is currently working on a less expensive all-silicone version of the Bumper to give away after September.

My take:

New iPods are a gimme, because those are coming in September like they have every year. I find it hard to believe that Apple would introduce a 7-inch iPad, because although it’s bigger than an iPhone and smaller than an iPad, it’s not a highly sought after model. I think the current iPad is perfect in size, and is easy to read from. Changing the form factor may be great if you want to create essentially a “paperback” version of the iPad, but I’m not quite sure why, or if it would sell. The iPhone rumor is something to consider, if only because Apple may have to fix it to keep sales numbers up. I just don’t expect it to be a full new phone, unless AT&T is willing to allow early adopters of the iPhone 4 to renew their contracts even earlier than usual. As for the Bumpers, whatever. No big shocker there, nor is it exciting news.

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2 thoughts on “Rumor: New iPad Mini, iPod and iPhone Coming Soon

  1. “… I find it hard to believe that Apple would introduce a 7-inch iPad…”

    Apple SHOULD introduce a seven-inch iPad as soon as possible. This is the precise size used for industry-standard, double DIN vehicle head units (HD AM/FM radio with antenna, speaker and power connectors) for installation in vehicle dashboards. Head Unit is the universal, automotive industry-term for any in-dash, audio receiver or advanced audio-video receiver. Generally, one of two ISO-standardized products are installed in most vehicles, a single DIN (180 x 50mm) or a double DIN (180 x 100mm) panel.

    With such a product, Apple would be poised to upend yet another consumer appliance market.

  2. Since the rumor mill started talking about it, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around a 7″ iPad and any use case scenarios where it would sway my purchase over a full sized iPad and all I can think of is a tighter focus on gaming and ebooks.

    The more I try to visualize the device resting on my desk, the more I like the increased portability factor. Currently, I carry my phone from room to room in pocket or in hand (which annoys my wife to no end) but I don’t see that happening with an iPad (more of a stay-near-the-couch/table thing). A 7″ device would probably be the limits of something I would ‘attach’ myself to and the more I think about, the more I believe it can succeed as a casual lifestyle device – small enough to fit in more backpack pockets, car glove boxes, purses, etc.

    Time will tell …

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