RUMOR: Mac Mini might not be dead after all

TUAW is reporting that the Mac Mini may not be as dead at is seems like it is. The new rumor is that the Mac Mini may be getting a refresh that ditches the Intel integrated motherboard design.

I certainly hope it’s true. The Mac Mini is what made it possible (financially) for me to get into the Mac in the first place. With the economic downturn that we’re currently in, it seems like a pretty poor time to drop the mini from production.

Hopefully this rumor ends up being true, and we get a refreshed version of the littlest Mac. The last few refreshes of the product have been released quietly, so don’t expect much of a change here, unless Apple decides to re-design the thing.



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  1. Sure, sure. An Apple MacMini with nVidia graphics chips and DisplayPort with no Firewire. Just what everyone wanted…..Not! Both the AppleTV and MacMini will continue to be hobbled by cost-cutting methods of Apple. Those two products could easily be combined into one really useful device, but I’m certain that won’t happen. Probably one of the biggest drawbacks is their smallish size. Probably too difficult to make them powerful, quiet and cool and the same time.

  2. @Constable Odo

    You’re grumpy Odo – back into your jar…or box…or whatever is that you ooze into when you need rest!


  3. Apple needs to keep this. My mom has an older one, and she can’t afford a new iMac every few years, but she could afford a new Mini.

    Plus I’d love one providing it’s put on WiFi 802.11n and a large hard drive to use as a home server of sorts. Oh yeah!

  4. They should simply use the same features/specs as the laptops (excepting, of course the power-saving mode in the MBP graphics).

    Low end Mini = MacBook
    High end Mini = MacBook Pro

    They really could also make it a tad larger and use real hard drives and get a lot more bang for the buck.