Otter Eats Up OtterBox Case – Literally

With the plethora of iPhone cases available in the market, OtterBox has managed to stand out from the rest right from the get go. The brand has positioned itself as the case that will protect your smartphone and even proclaims to be the #1 selling case in North America.

That may very well be the case, but a recent piece of news is solid proof that OtterBox is not Otter-proof. You know, those cute creatures that you see in rivers (or the sea, depending on what kind of otter it is) – or at the zoo.

Valley News Live reported that a guy’s OtterBox-protected iPhone was tested to the limits at the Red River Zoo in Fargo.

Apparently, the guy was taking pictures of his friends when he accidentally drops his phone into the otter’s “home”. Quite naturally, the otter went to see what treat he was just given.

Based on what the critter did, it seems like otters like iPhones protected by an OtterBox case. He (I’m assuming the otter is male) promptly picked up the phone, chewed on the case, dropped the phone, and picked it up again.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Otterbox may protect your iPhone in a thousand ways, but I guess it can’t protect stupid clumsy – or deal with an otter.

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